Thursday, February 10, 2011

And that's the way the cookie crumbles!

"I'm sorry you feel the way you do, TC from Kyrenia, no one can suffer so badly that they can not forgive. It is a noble quality for a person to have the ability to forgive.

In the case of recent Cypriot history (you are not the only one to suffer) we have all felt pain and suffering. Not a single Cypriot can honestly say they have not. In terms of greater misery, I think the refugees have suffered the most as it has been 37 years and none can live in their villages again. In fact, we are products of events that led up to independance, the misguided failures of 63/64, the stuff up of 67 and the coup and invasion/intervention of 74. All Cypriots have been manipulated from time to time by those that claim to have strategic interests or lust for power."
Thu, February 10th 2011 at 03:04
Lemon from Europe comments:

@ TC from Kyrenia


If these things never happened we'd all be different people and our fortunes would be different too. But such is fate and the actions of a few people here and there to help it along.

Unfortunately you can not have your own state or country to rule. In life we can not always get what we want, we have to stand by just principles and being compassionate. I am sure than other than the few that you would say hate you, you are more likely to receive generosity, respect and compassion from a Cypriot than you would from a Turk that sees you as their child or servant.

Your view is a minority view, not that many TCs will support it now since most of you know that the UN resolutions do not allow that option and that it was never on the table. Partition is a deam of the few individuals that had created this mess in the first place. I can understand not wanting Turkey, they have always been a key part of the problem. You don't want your fellow Cypriots then how can you call yourself a Cypriot, you can not have your own country by taking a piece of Cyprus that is not owned. You may as well go live in Germany or the UK if you do not want to live with your fellow Cypriots. Your schooling has not helped, there is no point in labeling us Greek Cypriots or Turkish Cypriots, because we are neither Greek or Turkish. The sooner we can get together as the family we all are the better because that is how it should be. It hurts us more to be apart identity wise, culturally, socially and economically. One complements the other.

In conclusion your identity and rights are better protected by working with your fellow Cypriots rather than listening to the Turkish government. Erdogan does not care about the TCs all he is interested in is Turkish strategic interests. If they didn't exist his troops would not be there and the 'TRNC' would not get any funding to prop you up. In relation to trade, you guys are not part of a recognized country so you can not trade with anyone that does recognize you & that is the way the cookie crumbles. If the Republic of Cyprus allowed direct trade through their ports in the north it would be like saying that they give up on their national rights and intrests over the land that is still formally part of the Country of Cyprus and the RoC. It would in the end be against our national interest to allow recognition of the 'TRNC' since it would only benefit the fat collaborators more than you or I.

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