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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How dare you !!!?

Tue, February 8th 2011 at 03:08
gurkuda [a tCypriot] from Central Europe comments:

As a tCypriot, I cannot cope with the audacity of Erdogan's statements. Can someone help me out here? Am I missing some fundamental pieces of information? We are to stop complaining and be grateful to Turkey for what exactly?

1- The fact that they established and armed TMT back in the fifties, thus igniting ethnic hatred within an already fragile community.

2- Occupying almost half of the island under the ruse of liberation. In other words, administering both the venom and anti-venom.

3- Removing thousands of gCypriots from their properties and replacing them with settlers from Turkey, with whom we have nothing in common. (while saying that, I believe that the settlers are victims of this policy, too)

4- Imposing a regime which has no international status and is not recognised even by Turkey, while banning all forms of criticism of said regime and it's founders. Furthermore, creating, albeit unsuccessfully, the illusion that "trnc" is a democracy and is ruled by tCypriots.

5- Building mosques and Ataturk busts in every conceivable place without the slightest consideration for our true interests and needs.

The list goes on....

Whilst at it, let me clarify a few things to mainland Turks and gCypriotss; unlike you, we do not much care for religion. The fact that we had a church in every village was odd enough, now we have a mosque, too. I guess we should be doubly blessed :) As for Ataturk, as much as we respect him, we do not see him as an integral part of our identity. These tactics of governing through flags, busts and symbols are obsolete. They merely serve as laughing matter for foreigners. Therefore, it is not surprising that we protest. We have a 'republic' built on stolen land, a population transfered from Turkey and an economy based on hand outs. And you, sir, have the audacity to take offense when we complain. HOW DARE YOU!!!!

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