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Saturday, January 29, 2011

A leap of faith for Cyprus

TC: "We need to realise 'what is it' that really matters, we cant have it both ways! The 'TRNC' is not a normal place, this requires equally abnormal measures to be taken from as many TC's as possible." ... GC: "a leap of faith is required, before too late. G-Cypriots will not dissapoint you this time. They are ready since long ago."

Sat, January 29th 2011 at 11:01
Mehmet from UK comments:

And all this time we were under the impression they cameto help us.
The truth is,They want us to leave, so that they completely colonise the areas occupied and it becomes a part of Turkey. We are 36 years late in realising the truth. The traitor Denktash and his party have set us on a road to extinction. Their lies and propaganda have brainwashed us and our youth.

On a daily basis our numbers are diminishing,whilst more and more settlers are brought in! I regret to say Hamdan Mert that you are absolutely right. I fear, but hope that it is not too late for us to claim back our country.

Sat, January 29th 2011 at 11:06
hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:

Turkish Cypriots are outnumbered by 5 to 1 by mainlanders thanks to the policies of Turkey. In the near future we will be kept in a zoo to be displayed to the visitors.

Sat, January 29th 2011 at 11:08
ANTIFON comments:

"trn" Cyprus citizen, if you are Cypriot then your children are worth a lot, a whole lot more!

In case you are a Turk, then your main responsibility is to go home and fight for "democracy" there! To uproot the fascism. Before all Arab countries become democratic and your country is still held hostage by the Ergenekon boyz with their fake/empty "philosophy" of Ataturkism/ Kemalism, concocted to keep them in power under the veil of democracy! The house you live in is my home!! I am coming back. I do not hate you no matter how you may wish for it to be so.

Sat, January 29th 2011 at 12:01
ANTIFON comments:

I would think most T-Cypriots value other aspects of a solution equally, if not more: their community's integrity, their family's safety, their identity's preservation, their ability to create and prosper, their EU status, the respect of all their human rights and freedoms, the opportunity to live a normal life in their forefathers' lands for the first time in over 50 years.

"trn" Cyprus citizen, for a country with a per capita GDP of 28.000 USD, along with all the international help to flow in if there is an agreed solution, I am sure your request can be met more than adequately, although I suspect the majority will opt to be making twice or three times as much in the private sector.

All you have to do is engage in productive talks. Greek Cypriot thinking, whether we like it or not, is still well described in the famous 1963 document. See if there is anything you can do with it! If the above is a basis you can negotiate in good faith, then I can recommend how you can go about securing your childrens' future as Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots!

@leylaley, if 60.000 T-Cypriots want to cross over tomorrow, we will invite them into our homes! I PROMISE YOU THAT!

Sat, January 29th 2011 at 12:17
Cahitty from london/nicosia comments:

Although I agree many cypriots emmigrate, understandabily so, now is not the time to think this way, in fact NOW is the time all TC's if they are serious about saving thier 'culture' should stay or come back, get organized and fight for change. Are not the examples in North Africa and more peaceful actions throughout history not enough to inspire us? These demonstrations no matter what anyone thinks of them should be used aS a catalyst and platform to build on. If a 'Turk' can come over and work for peanuts then we TC's should also be willing to do the same if we feel our 'culture' is worth saving and re-unification is worth the effort. We need to realise 'what is it' that really matters, we cant have it both ways! The 'TRNC' is not a normal place, this requires equally abnormal measures to be taken from as many TC's as possible.

Sat, January 29th 2011 at 12:27
ANTIFON comments:

Cahitty from london/nicosia, a leap of faith is required, before too late. G-Cypriots will not dissapoint you this time. They are ready since long ago. You "owe" them, and above all yourselves, that much! Let's make it a Cypriot revolution with no Gs or Ts attached!

Sat, January 29th 2011 at 12:56
Cahitty comments:

I agree with you, however there is another reality that I have noticed over the years, many many TC's including the most progressive quite simply arent conviced of thier security in and amongst the GC community. I know some of this is due to fascist propaganda but at times i do also feel that not enough is being done on the part of the CG ruling elite/society in general to convince many TC's that are quite simply scared. Take for example recent race hate incidents's that do not seem to be dealt with robustly and publicily enough, I dont beleive in tarnishing a majority because of a small minority but i believe it is a problem that needs to be dealt with quickly and publicly by public institutions and politicians.

Sat, January 29th 2011 at 13:38
ANTI.FON comments:

"race hate incidents's that do not seem to be dealt with robustly and publicily enough"

How can I disagree? Some of my compatriots are scary even for me, and I vote consistently on the right [last time I consciously abstained thus favoring Christofias who was leading in the polls]. I am definitely voting for him this time around.

However, the recent YouTube incident, for example, was dealt with in a very official manner. Christofias even brought it up in his speech for RoC's 50th b-day in the Greek parliament!! Not many enjoyed witnessing him doing that. But he did. And in retrospect he was right. We must be vigilant as, especially at the beginning stages of implementing an agreement, a number of players will try to instill fear in the hearts of all Cypriots, not least of the danger coming out of Ergenekon offhoots from Turkey itself.

These additional comments:
[a] a lot of it is just talk, alhough I understand this is not much of a consolation
[b] it is mostly fueled by a sense of an immense injustice; from a GC's perspective, take 63-74 and multiply it by 100 and you can begin to appreciate the feelings, real or perceived, by GCs.
[c] you have to believe me when I say that GCs direct their anger and hatred towards Turkey and its TSK/deep state leaders ["a TSK dude would be our favorite illegal dinner next to ampelopoulia/ robins" :) It is as crude a joke as they come in Cyprus], definitely NOT T-Cypriots. Turkey is the source of the suffering. I wish there was a way to easily differentiate, but there ain't. And with T-Cypriots choosing Turkey consistently over their Cypriot compatriots, well the leap of hatred becomes easier. That is the honest truth.
[d] these feelings will not die overnight, but a just solution (1963 based?) will alllow the majority on both sides to push to the sidelines the nationalist voices which in time for sure will die.
Unless Turkey becomes truly democratic then our job will be significantly harder. I have consistently argued that the solution to Cyprus goes right through Diyarbakir! Unless democratic forces in Turkey topple the current regimes and adopt a truly democratic constitution, Cyprus will be constanlty threatened by developments there. Unless we all accept that principles are universal and must apply equally, here and there, then we are reading off of different pages. Thankfully, a bit of gas to our south may force the EU/USA to monitor our safety a bit more and prevent the spill over of fascism into a reunited Cyprus.

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