Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Turk is always right

On 16 August 1953 the Israeli Ambassador to Turkey Maurice Fisher wrote, inter alia, the following to Tel Aviv: "Our relations with Turkey have been extremely good of late...[but] these good relations could deteriorate overnight, and we should learn from the bitter experience of others. The Turks have yet to achieve a standard by which, in the event of disagreement with another state, they can weigh up the positions of both sides. For them, there exists one sole principle: in any conflict with a foreigner, whether a private individual, a company or a state, the Turk is always right."

Source: Amikam Nachmani , Israel, Turkey and Greece: Uneasy Relations in the East Mediterranean. London: Frank Cass, 1987, p. 43.

Three disturbing facts about the pseudo-religion in eight minutes

Friday, October 24, 2014

European Council Conclusions on Cyprus: Unequivocal message to "Turkey" on illegality of its actions

23/24 October 2014  - 24. The European Council expressed serious concern about the renewed tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean and urged Turkey to show restraint and to respect Cyprus' sovereignty over its territorial sea and Cyprus' sovereign rights in its exclusive economic zone. The European Council recalled the Declaration of the European Community and its Member States of 21 September 2005, including that the recognition of all Member States is a necessary component of the accession process. Under the current circumstances, the European Council considered it more important than ever to ensure a positive climate so that negotiations for a comprehensive Cyprus' settlement can resume.

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Time to Back the Kurds

A People Without Friends: 'Time to Back the Kurds' (a 10 min video) Author Stephen Mansfield has a message for the U.S.: "ISIS will fall. Kurdistan will rise... When all of this occurs, the U.S. will want to have ...

Thursday, October 23, 2014

EU Has Misconceptions About the Origin of Ukrainian Conflict by Alexander Mercouris | RIA Novosti

Владимир Путин, Маттео Ренци и Петр Порошенко во время рабочего завтрака в Милане 17 октября 2014LONDON, October 21 (RIA Novosti) - The ASEM summit in Milan cruelly exposed the illusions EU leaders hold about the Ukrainian conflict, and not for the first time

Ever since the February coup in Ukraine, the EU’s leaders have held to two assumptions: First, that the crisis in Ukraine is a conflict between Ukraine and Russia, and second, that they can bend Russia to their will by applying pressure on it to achieve the outcome they want in Ukraine. This outcome would entail the complete restoration of Kiev’s undiluted political control over the whole country, including the rebellious regions in the east (even the EU leaders quietly acknowledge that Crimea is lost to Ukraine forever). (cnt'd)

Antifon's note: Why should Russia wish less in terms of political rights for the sizable ethnic Russian community of Ukraine when the west has been supporting apartheid and outrageous privileges for the Turkish Cypriot minority community of Cyprus, either via the constitution it forced on Cypriots in 1960 or the divisive plan it hailed in 2004 that would legitimize the results of an illegal invasion, the ethnic cleansing that ensued, as well as the colonization under way to this day?

Why does the west expect Russia to mind less for its brethren than it does for its NATO Muslim ally and the minorities of other countries the latter cares about?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Muslim Columnist Warns Dog Petting Provokes Muslims by Daniel Greenfield | Frontpage Mag

muslim-seeing-eye-dogOctober 22, 2014

Really? Is there anything that doesn’t provoke Muslims?

Dogophobia hits moderate Muslim Malaysia as a dog petting event stirs up controversy. Why? Because Mohammed hated dogs and ordered them to be killed.

Also Muslims consider dogs and women to be unclean. And it’s hard to get a dog to wear a Burqa. It’s another episode in the long-running Islam Show where everyone is crazy. (The Religion of Peace)

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