Monday, July 28, 2014

What about Turkey and Cyprus?‎ | Uzay Bulut

What about Turkey and Cyprus?‎ - 28 July 2014, Israel Hayom
Uzay Bulut is a freelance journalist based in Ankara.

On July 20, two important incidents were reported by the Turkish Radio and Television ‎Corporation, the country's national public broadcaster.‎

The first report covered how Turkish officials, including Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, were bashing Israel, the ‎‎"oppressor," for initiating a military operation in Gaza. Of course, there was no mention of this being a response to hundreds of rockets fired into Israel by Hamas.‎ It also did not come as a shock that the broadcast did not utter a single word about Hamas aiming at civilian areas in Israel, rejecting a cease-fire offer that had been accepted by Israel, and using its own people, including children, as ‎human shields. ‎

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bizonal Apartheid

If we exclude Bizonal Apartheid, aka Bizonal Bicommunal Federation, simply because there is no precedent in the world where in a federation the minority rules over the majority, we have two options, one of which federalists will love: either a Hexazonal Federation based on Cyprus's six historic provinces or going back to fix 1960, by removing the apartheid clauses which led to the December 1963 ethno-communal fighting and the foreign meddling clauses which allowed for the 1974 catastrophic invasion by "Turkey" and the subsequent division, ethnic cleansing, cultural destruction and illegal colonization that continues unabated to this day.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Do Londoners make London or London Londoners?

Would London without Londoners, but 100% Arab populated instead, still be London? Would Washington without Americans, but 100% Russian populated instead, still be Washington? Would Munich without Germans, but 100% Turk populated instead, still be Munich? Would Moscow without Muscovites, but 100% Chechen populated instead, still be Moscow? Would Paris without Parisiens, but 100% Arab populated instead, still be Paris? Would Beijing without Chinese, but 100% Japanese populated instead, still be Beijing? We demand KERYNEIA, LAPITHOS and all other ancient Hellenic-Christian towns of Cyprus to be returned to their historical and legal citizens. Doing our duty to protect your dignity.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Giving Turkey a dose of its own medicine? | Jerusalem Post

Giving Turkey a dose of its own medicine? By YONAH JEREMY BOB  07/14/2014 Israeli NGO assists Cypriots in filing war crimes complaint against Turkey over occupation.

An Israeli NGO has assisted Cypriots in filing a war crimes complaint with the International Criminal Court prosecutor against Turkey over its occupation of Northern Cyprus. The complaint, filed on Tuesday and referred to as a communication, was made on the 40th anniversary of Turkey’s occupation of the northern part of Cyprus.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Legality Born of Horrid Illegality is a Recipe for Wider Disaster

Allowing the creation of legality based on horrid illegality would set a precedent so dire that no UN state with any sizable ethnic minority shall be able to escape. Bankrupt British colonial thinking should NOT be allowed to wreck nations any longer. That's what some want. That's not what the Cypriot people want. And in Cyprus it should not matter what Brits or Turks or even the Turkish Cypriot Minority think, but instead what the historical overwhelming majority of Greek Christians.

Free Riders

Since the Turkish Cypriot minority accepts the Turkish army for its protection it should be consistent and accept "Turkey" 's solutions vis-a-vis its own circa 22% ethnic minority community.

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