Sunday, January 30, 2011

Robins (ampelopoulia) and Barbarians!

A typical Turkish argument goes like this "it [Cyprus situation] will stay like this for another 2-3 generations until the Church and ultra nationalists stop preaching hatred ..."

The single argument left for nationalist Turkish Cypriots and "Turkey"'s fascists is sadly the hatred and tension argument. No, strike that! The HATRED and TENSION argument! God forbid if Cypriots did not hate each other with a vengeance! What excuse would they be left with? What justification?

Turkish fascists want to convince all of us that no matter which corner of the island we find ourselves in the hate is prevalent, with a priest spreading the hate word to his followers who vow to have a “Turk for lunch” else they are condemned to hell. The boogeyman for the Turkish Cypriot (TC) soul must be diligently preserved!

What I know to be true beyond doubt is that priests speak of about the return to our forefathers' lands, where our churches have been standing for aeons and our dead buried for millennia. As if we needed a priest, or worse even a politician, to remind us of the one thing we need not be reminded of, the one thing foremost in our minds: our homes, Lapithos, Keryneia, Ammochostos, Morphou, which will forever be our homes and to where soon we will be free to return.

One sees ampelopoulia, the other barbarians
Nowhere else in the world is there such hatred of an ethnic community towards another, they want us all to believe! It seems to me that the adage “to eat a Turk” is only uttered by an occupier Turk or a nationalist Turkish Cypriot in their myth preservation quest! They wish to subliminally suggest to us that a Turk, especially the TSK decorated kind, are our second favorite illegal meal next to ampelopoulia (robins)! Why am I not convinced?

Imagine for a moment what would happen if there was no abundant hatred in Cyprus emanating from the Greek Cypriot barbarians, but instead whatever quantities thereof came in normal doses as one expects to find just about everywhere, and whatever excess there may be is the direct result of the indignation felt for the criminal actions of "Turkey" in 1974 and the subsequent ethnic cleansing, colonization, destruction of heritage, and illegal occupation now in its 37th year. Imagine that:
  • if there was no hatred, the Turkish army would have no justification to remain in Cyprus
  • if there was no hatred, the manufactured dividing line would have to cease to exist
  • if there was no hatred, Cypriots would be allowed to go back to their homes
  • if there was no hatred, Keryneia, Lapithos, Morfou etc. would once again become majority Greek, as they have been Greek for almost 4.000 years, except the last 40
  • if there was no hatred, it would mean the end of "Turkey"'s excuses for meddling in Cyprus
From a Turkish ("Turkey") point of view it is of paramount importance that hatred in abundance is a vital prerequisite for strategic reasons. And if there wasn't, they would have to incite it and maintain it. And they did. They do. As the clandestine Ergenekon organization recently proved to the entire world, these fascistic forces of "Turkey" will stop nowhere in order to achieve their objectives, including the killing of innocent Muslim Turks and the bombing of mosques. If they could do it today, in 2011, would they have shied away from such acts in 1963?

As in Davutoğlu's “Strategic Depth” book is amply explained "Cyprus is a stable base, an air craft carrier able to control the Persian Gulf, the Caspian Sea region and the sea lanes of Aden and Hormuz.... geopolitically and geostrategically "Turkey" must control Cyprus even if there were not a single Moslem on the island".

Let us be fooled no more. "Turkey"'s Ergenekon, "Turkey"'s fascist establishments have no alternative but to preserve the myth of hatred, they must elevate it to be the number one reason for the failure and the "very impossibility" to reach an agreement. The recipient of honor for such hideous propaganda is none other than the Turkish Cypriot population.

The unpleasant truth for "Turkey"'s fascists is that "Turkey" finds herself in a corner. The only escape she has, the only excuse to justify her only option left on the political front, that of annexation, is to promote relentlessly and support with incidents, offered on a plate (such as hooliganism acts or brainless comments) or manufactured, the myth of violence, racism, anti-Turkishness, hatred, Muslims and Christians cannot live together, etc., as a means to convince third parties, their own society and above all Turkish Cypriots that partition, as a precursor to annexation, is the only realistic option.

And while they promote and support this myth with every fiber of their fascistic being they want us to forget the 50.000 deaths of "Turkey"'s Kurds in the last 30 years alone, the forced assimilation policies, their denial to a close to 20 million people to celebrate their language and culture, their adamant refusal of all those rights for "Turkey"'s Kurdish ethnic 22+% community which they hypocritically present as an absolute must for the 18% (10% or even less today?) ethnic minority of Cyprus.

I am left wondering of your true potential as Cypriots of Turkish descent had it not been for us, the Greek Cypriots, your favorite and indispensable barbarians. What would you do if you woke up one day and realized that the barbarians are no longer there! As the poet put it:
Why is everyone so suddenly ill at ease
and confused (just look how solemn their faces are)?
Why are the streets and the squares all at once empty,
as everyone heads for home, lost in their thoughts?
Because it’s night now, and the barbarians haven’t shown up.
And there are others, just back from the borderlands,
who claim that the barbarians no longer exist.

What in the world will we do without barbarians?
Those people would have been a solution, of sorts. "

Awaiting the barbarians by C. Cavafy

Περιμένοντας τους Bαρβάρους

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