Monday, January 17, 2011

To win or not to win the Turkish Cypriots' heart?

A few words, allow me the pompousness of adding wisdom, for my fellow gCypriots who attempt either to win over the hearts of tCypriots. I sympathize with you.

I too for a long time tried the same. I have come however to realize that I needed a paradigm shift. A paradigm shift that for me has happened 100% allowing me to see things clearly. What I understood is that my past efforts to win over tCypriots were futile for the reasons I list below. I understood that Cyprus' future must be defined by the majority Cypriot will, and certainly not by the a minority, or her political pimp, which as a result of an unfavorable balance of power in 1960 achieved 100% undemocratic super-rights.

It is futile to win over tCypriots because:
  • tCypriots’ "world" begins in 1960 and they take equality (18=82) and other grossly illogical clauses as their Holy Book. But 1960 was fundamentally flawed and inhumanely unjust. We need to move beyond 1960 for the well being of all Cypriots, perhaps to a 1963 adjusted for our EU reality. If 1960 was so good for majority/minority relations then why hasn't Turkey adopted its ideas yet to solve her 87 year long problem with her Kurdish ethnic minority? After all, she heavily influenced 1960. But more importantly, if 1960 was so perfect for minorities circa 20% within a state, why are tCypriots incapable of throwing their full support behind the Kurdish demands for constitutional community political rights, recognition of Kurdish as an official language of Turkey, veto rights for the Kurds in Turkey, representation for the Kurds 122% and 67% higher than their actual numbers? Why are tCypriots so perplexed when faced with such a question? Why are they not showing a more active interest in the plight of a minority, a plight not dissimilar to theirs, of the country that is their protector?
  • tCypriots do not control their fate. They, I am sorry to say, have been wholly dependent and subservient to the Turkish fascist regimes for decades. And if you talk to enough tCypriots, you will realize that they are often treated in humiliating manners by their Turkish fascist rulers. The majority of tCypriots left Cyprus exactly because of this. Their Cypriot pride, their human decency, their Cypriot ways, did not allow them to take it any more. 
  • tCypriots have been subjected to Turkish fascist propaganda which is of the worst kind. As a small example, they believe (or say they do) that gCypriots’ goal is still enosis with Greece. Or that Makarios was out to get them. Or that gCypriots do not want to live together with them. They make numerous other false assumptions stemming from heinous TSK/Ergenekon propaganda. These are wrong as we all know but I will not even try to convince them of it. Not any more. They are neither ready to listen nor are they sincere towards us. 
Let us never forget that gCypriots make the overwhelming majority of Cypriots. Majorities decide. Period. When we push them just a bit in order to acknowledge the validity of our arguments they resort to excerpts from the biased British press of 1963 or 1964, or even worse to threats of a 1974 repeat. And they accuse us for not wanting to live with them or how incredibly hateful we are towards them or both. How pathetic is that? Especially when directed at the community of Cyprus that has persevered through the millenniums against numerous threats and has managed to preserve its Hellenic culture and uninterrupted presence on this land.

We need to come together as Cypriots. True. But we cannot allow tCypriots, a small minority, to have a veto as to which our future will be. tCypriots are most welcome to join us in conquering the future but their contribution should not be a prerequisite, neither their agreement, as their voice has just one fourth of the strength of our voice [even less today], to chart Cyprus’ course for the future using the “weapons” at our disposal:
  • the Cyprus Republic
  • the United Nations
  • the European Union
  • the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)
  • the parallel to Turkey’s Kurdish ethnic problem
  • the newly formed political alliance with Israel/USA
  • the energy axis along Israel, Cyprus, Greece, EU
  • the urgent need to normalize NATO-EU relations
Injustices must be removed from our 1960 constitution. We must feel neither shame nor regret. The well being for all true Cypriots, gCypriots, tCypriots and other smaller communities must be safeguarded. I for one want to have on my side tCypriots arguing about the environment or EU relations with the USA against Cypriots or Europeans with opposing views regardless of their ethnicity. Not to find my self de facto across a tCypriot simply for being a gCypriot. And I am not willing to afford anyone, let alone a minority at the mercy of a fascist political pimp, to veto the Cypriot democratic will.

No more futile efforts to equate 18 to 82 (or better 9 to 91). Just because a fascist regime once, back in 1960, threatened to take over the entire island if we did not succumb to their demands and in 1974 promoted a war to introduce artificial division, a division which we never ever had in Cyprus prior the Turks. We need to decide our future as Cypriots and yes that means the majority deciding, not the minority or its pimp. We need a solution that aims for justice, peace and respect for human rights. And we must then all together, gCypriots and tCypriots, support with every fiber of our being the same rights for the close to 20 million of Kurds in Turkey.

You see, my fellow gCypriots, although it sounds unfair, in reality it is a truth we must all adopt with every fiber of our being: tCypriots are and should be considered largely irrelevant as to defining Cyprus' future.

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Turkey's Kurds & Cyprus' tCypriots

As either unitary state or federation solutions are discussed as replacements to Cyprus' 1960 and Turkey's 1923 unworkable constitutions, should we abide by "if a right is a right too many for Turkey's Kurdish community (circa 23% of population) then that right is a right too many for Cyprus' tCypriot community too (circa 15%), and vice versa." Is the adoption of this fair logic the catalyst to securing just solutions for both UN countries.