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Can the Turkish Republic be trusted by Cypriots?

Cypriot exchanges addressing whether Turkey can be trusted by Cypriots, whether the UN recognizes Cyprus' occupation by Turkey as such, and on who lied to whom which appeared on the Cyprus Mail website in response to the article

"Ayshe stays put thanks to the president" by Loucas G Charalambous published on 16 January 2011

Mon, January 17th 2011 at 20:40
"Cyprus Cyclone comments

[The author of the article states] "According to the provisions of the Annan Plan - article 8.1(b) - which Turkey accepted and you and your allies rejected, the withdrawal of the occupation troops would have begun on 21/9/2004 and 15 days ago (31/12/2010) there would have been only 6,000 Turkish and 6,000 Greek soldiers left in Cyprus."

Turkey has violated every agreement she signed concerning Cyprus. We are still waiting for Turkey to fully implement the Ankara Protocol which President Gül signed on behalf of Turkey. And only last week Sultan Erdoğan boasted that Turkey will never give back one gram of Cyprus, while for the past 8 years he claims to have wanted a solution in Cyprus! Do you expect Greek Cypriots to lightheartedly trust Turkey which violated the Treaty of Guarantee of 1960 by an illegal invasion in 1974 which resulted in a massive death toll, unprecedented destruction, ethnic cleansing, war crimes, an illegal occupation for almost 40 years and th illegal colonization of the occupied part of Cyprus?

Not only does Turkey not ever honour her signature regarding Cyprus, she continues to make false claims about the agreements she signed. For example, only last week Turkey falsely claimed that Turkey is not occupying Cyprus but Turkish troops are in Cyprus according to "international agreements (i.e. Treaty of Guarantee). But the Treaty of Guarantee of 1960 never gave Turkey any right to militarily intervene in Cyprus as only the UN Security Council (Article 53 of UN Charter Article 53 of UN ) can authorize one UN member State (Turkey) to send troops to another UN member State (Cyprus), and Turkey never had such authorization. Neither does the Treaty of Guarantee allow Turkey to maintain 40.000 troops 37 years later and illegally occupy Cyprus.

Another favourite false claim by Turkey and Eroglu, her puppet in Cyprus, is that no UN documents state that Turkey occupies Cyprus. Lets look at what  UN Security Council Resolution 550 states: 

"Gravely concerned about the further secessionist acts in the occupied part of the Republic of Cyprus which are in violation of resolution 541(1983), namely the purported "exchange of Ambassadors" between Turkey and the legally invalid "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus" and the contemplated holding of a "Constitutional referendum" and "elections", as well as by other actions or threats of action aimed at further consolidating the purported independent state and the division of Cyprus"

Sorry but I for one could not have trusted Turkey to have removed her troops from Cyprus as well as implement all the other provisions of the Annan Plan. Turkey is proving as unreliable in her international dealings as she has been towards her 20 million Kurdish citizens who almost 88 years after the formation of modern Turkey still aspire to have their most basic human rights respected.

Mon, January 17th 2011 at 17:46
Attila from Girne [Keryneia] comments:

"It's a shame most Greek Cypriots have an 'all or nothing' attitude, otherwise we could negotiate a solution. Problem is Greek side suffers from amnesia, twists things and tells lies."

Mon, January 17th 2011 at 20:58
Cyprus Cyclone comments:

According to a former Turkish Cypriot leader Dr Ihsan Ali it was Denktash who was telling lies to the Turkish Cypriots for years and uprooted them and put them into enclaves and even being terrorized by Denktash's TMT. In fact, Dr Ihsan Ali refers to Denktash as "a liar, psychopath, gangster and arch-terrorist". Unfortunately, Denktash was brainwashing the Turkish Cypriots against the Greek Cypriots for 40 years till they had enough and got rid of him as their leader. Denkatsh and his TMT terrorist group caused the Cyprus problem for the British imperialists.
The great Turkish Cypriot Trade Unionist Dervish Ali Kavazoglu, whom TMT murdered on orders of Denktash (also murdered with him was his friend Costas Mishaoulis), said the same things as Dr Ihsan Ali. These were the leaders of the TC community before the extremist Denktash hijacked the TC leadership with the aid of the British Imperialists:

KAVAZOLGU: "Denktash and his likes, in order to satisfy their own political ambitions and to offer their services to their masters the colonialists, have lied to the people with their demagogic references to 'mass murders'. Exploiting the genuine national feelings of the people, they have uprooted 30,000 compatriots and have thrown them to such conditions." in a speech to a crowd of Cypriots

Mon, January 17th 2011 at 21:32
Fevzi from London & Kyrenia comments:

Mon, January 17th 2011 at 21:32 Fevzi from London & Kyrenia comments: Typical of you Greeks twisting everything! Did you forget that one other UN member state and a guarantor country as well (Greece) had already invaded Cyprus and was sending tanks to violently overthrow the legitimate President of Cyprus and annex the island against all conventions and treaties? Was this small detail that you forgot Mr. Cyclone? Can you answer this please? Under the circumstances of 15th July, 1974, Turkey had every right to intervene. Too bad you lost the war. Turkey is entitled to keep the spoils.

Mon, January 17th 2011 at 22:25 
A N T I F O N comments:

Fevzi [21:32], Cyprus Cyclone covered me, but since you seem to have the exclusive on Ergenekon myths let me give you my two cents worth as well:
  1. Didn't your very own Denktash state that the illegal Greek junta coup was an entirely Greek/G-Cypriot affair, before being silenced by the TSK/TMT which saw this as an opportunity to complete its strategic goal of TAKSIM which had started with T-Cypriot self-segregation policies of the 60s [similar to the Kurdish self-segregation policies in 2010 and beyond in Turkey today]?
  2. Wasn't the number of T-Cypriots dead as a result of the coup the staggering number of ZERO? Didn't G-Cypriots die in their efforts to protect the Cyprus Republic and its President against the coupists, a total of 97 dying?
  3. Didnt the Greek Junta & the putschist regime in Nicosia collapse on July 23, 1974, three days after the illegal invasion and didn't Clerides – as Speaker of the House of Representatives - assume duties of Acting President in accordance with the constitution?
  4. Didn't Clerides immediately suggest to the Turkish-Cypriot leader R. Denktash the return to the 1960 constitution but Ankara declined?
  5. Hadn't there already been an agreement reached between the two constitutional experts, M. Dekleris and O. Alticacti from Greece and Turkey respectively, for a comprehensive settlement on the Cyprus problem which was to be ratified on July 16, 1974 by the two negotiators, G. Clerides and R. Denktash? Wasn't this agreement was on the basis of a unitary state with elements of local and communal selfadministration on issues of low level politics?
  6. Would it not have been the easiest thing in the world to honor the July 16th agreement, now with democracy having been restored in Greece? Wouldn't the above have been the honorable manner for the Turkish Republic to behave?
Your phrase "Turkey is entitled to keep the spoils" says it all. It displays Turkish mentality from the ground up. The only message you are sending us is "go to war if you want to get your 4.000 year Greek cities back which we occupy for less than 40".

Fevzi, we are not Turks thank Allah! We will try every other way and we will go back to our homes in Keryneia and Lapithos.

We have justice on our side, as well as Merkel and Israel as of late :)

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