Saturday, January 22, 2011

Is Ergenekon/TSK language based on trust or power?

Are the recent revelations in Turkey about the Sledgehammer and Balyoz plots against the government and the Ergenekon clandestine organization any different than like revelations of the past?

Read below an interesting exchange on the Cyprus Mail website pertaining to the article "Christofias: I don’t believe the issues will be resolved in Geneva" by George Psyllides, published on January 22, 2011 about the Minotaur and Ergenekon/TSK's (Turkish Armed Forces) preference for trust or power.

Sat, January 22nd 2011 at 15:52
Nick Bushell from Paphos, Cyprus comments:
I have read the wikileaks. This is nothing new, in fact is the Turkish way of life! Remember the "progroms" in 1955? Or the TMT, in Cyprus doing exactly the same thing? These are the people Mr Christofias chose to do bussiness with. Good luck !    

Sat, January 22nd 2011 at 16:22 
ANTIFON comments:
Nick Bushell from Paphos, Cyprus, with all due respect, the Sledgehammer plot and the associated clandestine organization Ergenekon is definitely NOT business as usual. For the first time in the "Turkish" [Turks plus Κurds] nation's history the people have proof not to blindly trust the TSK [the Turkish Armed Forces], which is more than military in Turkey, the TSK is both a keiretsu [business group] as well as the self-appointed protector of secular democracy in Turkey, loosely referred to as Ataturkism, via the junta 1980 constitution. This "Ataturkism" philosophy is the perfect excuse for Turkish fascist establishmnets to supress the various minorities with forced assimilation policies, but mainly the Κurds, a whopping 22+% of population, which almost 88 years after Turkey's idependence is still supressed and forced to be Turkish! The only institution that up until yesterday was revered is now openly questioned by all kinds of different segnents of the society. This is a very different phase in Turkey's history than ever before, very precarious, very insecure, and failing to acknowledge it is not wise!

Sat, January 22nd 2011 at 16:43
Nick Bushell from Paphos, Cyprus comments:
While all this is brewing, where do You see mutual trust for a solution, then?

Sat, January 22nd 2011 at 17:58 
ANTIFON comments:
Nick Bushell from Paphos, Cyprus, my short answer is most certainly not going to be deemed satisfactory by you. Nevertheless here goes it.

On how the whole Κurdish - Turkish relations influence Cyprus & vice versa I refer to to my blog:

On the trust issue, if you refer to trust between Turkey and Cyprus there can never be any so long as fascism rules Turkey! Turkey, in the minds of many incl. mine, does not give a darn about TCs. She considers Cyprus a conquest and the Cypriots as recently told by Davutoğlu 
"are not even a nation". I doubt we are anywhere enough up their fascistic Turkishness ladder, incl. TCs, to be deemed worthy for worries such whether they can trust us or not.

On the local front, it will take time for wounds to heal. However, that does not mean that a solution cannot be agreed upon before hand, so long as Turkey is somehow convicned (by twisitng its arm on other sensitive fronts) to remove her self compeletely from Cyprus. In my mind, the only thing that is needed is the decision of the UNSC countries to push in the direction of a federation, or better yet unitary state, which takes into account the approximate 80-20% (some would say 90-10%) population ratio. The whole trust thing is overly exaggerated. Cypriots lived peacefully together and can do so again, so long as the solution to be found is just enough. People are significantly more adjustable than we give them credit for.

I guess the short answer is: trust is not a factor because the problem is between Turkey and Cyprus, not between the two communities, the latter simply serving as the perfect pretext. Recall that most Cypriot TCs are nowhere near Cyprus today unfortunately! The ones that remain are a decent group, a minority however in the ocean of grey wolves and usurper TCs who stand to lose immensely from any solution.

Replace the word trust with power and you have the ingredient that matters. If the latter's balance changes either via Turkey's "broken" foreign policy compass or gas then a solution is just around the corner! Christofias' ideas are the perfect recipe and I believe the communist bugger is making headways!

Sat, January 22nd 2011 at 18:18
Nick Bushell from Paphos, Cyprus comments:
@ ANTIFON, It is actually satisfactory to me, because it contains answers that are in line with my way of thinking! You talk about the Turkish element. That contains a lot of substance. Considering that the Mainlanders outnumber the T/Cs by 2:1, Turkey plays all the Aces. The question is: Is Turkey prepared    to go all the way and sponsor a solution? I do not think so, simply because no "gesture" has ever been    made to strengthen that belief. Open ports, return Famagusta ........etc

Sat, January 22nd 2011 at 18:20
Christoph from USA comments:
The Turks are still stunned from Merkel's bich-slapping, so anything is possible. Maybe they've woken up to the reality that the EU door is closing?

But, more than likely it'll be more of the same-Eroglu demanding state status for 'trnc' and Christofias refusing to negotiate on that basis. If it results in Turkey being kept out of the EU than that's a satisfactory outcome.

Sat, January 22nd 2011 at 18:55
ANTIFON comments:
"If it results in Turkey being kept out of the EU than that's a satisfactory outcome."
The Minotaur in the Labyrinth, engraving of a 16th-century gem
 in the Medici Collection in the Palazzo Strozzi, Florence
Christoph, with respect I totally disagree with the above assessment. Turkish leaders know very well that the most they could get out of Europe they almost already got. They will tinker with their system enough so as to it becomes EU-like, but for it to be genuinely European it means rights for the Κurds and other minorities that neither the society nor the establishments are ready for. I have ZERO doubt in my mind that Turks knew that there would come a time when they would have to anabdon the EU road ON PURPOSE. The plan ofcourse calls for major complaining directed mostly towards the EU and then the Minotaur would have to be appeased. I leave it up to you to think of who the sacrificial maiden might be. As a deus ex machina (ἀπὸ μηχανῆς θεός) we now have alteration of the equation with these new parameters: Israel, gas, alternate EU energy routes, American energy firms.

@Nick Bushell from Paphos, Cyprus, that is why my simplistic at first glance comparative analysis fully explained on my blog, perhaps in a less than professional manner but family/work should be good enough excuses, makes so much sense. It is in my mind the perfect catalyst for a solution to both problems as it will create a vastly better understanding between the peoples and take the game away from fascist politicians and generals of Turkey! Κurds find it an excellent idea, if only they could all agree to unite behind it!

It is my sincere hope to see the Κurds of Turkey united soon and with a block voice and a principled peaceful manner to demand what is rightfully theirs, based on the evolution of the Turkish constitution into a bizonal federation with equality between the 65% Turkish majority and the 22+% Κurdish minority. It would be simply beautiful to do so by using Turkish arguments.

Cypriots must start returning the favor to Turkey (having first alerted our allies, old and new) by meddling in her affairs.                                                                                                                             

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