Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A sober Turkish Cypriots' supporter's view of the current situation

A supporter of Turkish Cypriot positions presents a reality check
on the Cyprus Mail website in relation to the article "Cyprus talks going backwards" by Stefanos Evripidou published on January 18, 2011.

Wed, January 19th 2011 at 19:42 |
Stoic Sense comments:

The population of northern Cyprus has the population of a minor American or European city (inclusive of Turkish presence). This generic city doesn't have a President, multiple ministries or 30,000+ civil servants, however, it runs 1000% more efficiently. The city doesn't have power outages every week and its infrastructure doesn't pose a constant danger to its inhabitant.

Turkish Cypriots have faced attempts to eliminate them as a people by force by Greek Cypriots (note: a false claim that does not take into account the Turkish Cypriot TMT terrorist organization, funded and led by Turkey in order to promote the division of Cyprus) only to be 'saved' and be under siege through sheer numbers by Turks. Other ethnic groups throughout history have emerged with a sense of identity or solidarity as a people having faced less yet a there is no such spirit in north. The opposite is true, it seems to be a national trait to only look after immediate self interest and make sure their neighbor doesn't succeed. There is a reason the evil eye is so popular here.

The north is a basket case and the people by and large do not respect themselves much less their neighbor or their country. Range Rovers abound outside crumbling buildings and beautiful beaches look like a waste dumps. Soon you will destroy Karpas which would have provided an unlimited renewable attraction to foreign visitors.

Regardless of how unfair Turkish Cypriots have been treated by Greek Cypriots, you treat each other even worse. Consider yourselves lucky if there either is a solution on any terms with the Greeks because you will ultimately be better off being force to comply with EU laws and regulations. It is nice to see a little fire from the TCs in this forum, however, it is sadly lacking elsewhere in the north.

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