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A Cynic, a sophist and a tCypriot in one!

Unknown Cynic philosopher
Having been blogging these past few months on the Cyprus Mail website I made a friend, a tCypriot friend, a sophist and a cynic in one. I hope you will enjoy his comments, related to none other than our Turkeyish problem, as much as his contemporaries must have enjoyed Protagoras or Diogenis!

The photo depicts the statue of an unknown Cynic philosopher from the Capitoline Museum in Rome. Roman-era copy of an earlier Greek statue from the 3rd century BC.

If you are sipping coffee & have a few minutes available, scroll down to the bottom in order to move in chronological order. It turns out our sophisto-cynic is also a prophet, as he semi-predicted the tCypriot protests. Will his other predictions also come true?

-- #34 --
Cyprus Mail | Erdogan spat with the north continues by Stefanos Evripidou published on February 9, 2011
Wed, February 9th 2011 at 17:28 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:

You wrote 'This interest is for the benefit of the TRNC whose citizens would otherwise return to become second class residents of a unitary Cyprus"
I and thousands of other TCs would not mind to be elivated to second class citizen in a unitary Cyprus then stay 5th class under Ottoman rule.

-- #33 --
Cyprus Mail | Post your protest, demonstrators told by Simon Bahceli Published on February 8, 2011
Wed, February 9th 2011 at 10:19 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:

You wrote 'Don't get too excited guys, Turkish cypriots can never break away from Turkey, despite any problems. These groups are very marginal'

I totally agree with you they only represent 120,000 TCs, and majority Turkish settlers 300,000 plus want to stay with Turkey.

However, you are overlooking something, 120,000 TCs have the deeds to Cyprus, others don't.

-- #32 --
Cyprus Mail | Post your protest, demonstrators told by Simon Bahceli Published on February 8, 2011
Tue, February 8th 2011 at 11:43 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:

Erdogan is used to delivering bags of rice and bulgur to villagers in Turkey in order to buy their votes. He has also delivered washing machines, dish washers to villages that have no electricity.

He thought TCs can be bought the same way.
Most of the money they channell to north goes onto settlers anyway.

There are hardly any TCs students at schools as most of us send our children to private schools, hardly anyone visits the hospitals most of us use private hospitals.

TCs have different social structure to Turks from Turkey, we have different values, this is why most Turkish settlers can't blend into Turkish Cypriot way of life.

I can say that we have more incommon with GCs than Turks in Turkey.

-- #31 --
Cyprus Mail | Erdogan lambasts ‘ungrateful’ north By Simon Bahceli Published on February 5, 2011
Sat, February 5th 2011 at 17:11 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:

Real issue in North Cyprus is influx of thousands of illegal settlers from Turkey with the blessing of Mr Erdogan.

These people have brought many problems to this country, they are rapein and thieving, molesting children, beating up their wifes, kidnapping, arm robberies, drugs etc....

Public services are collapsing.

Hospitals are running out of medications, as many of the settlers friends and families are coming over from Turkey to get free treatment.

Hospitals A&E departments are not able to cope with the demand.

-- #30 --
Tue, February 1st 2011 at 14:48 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:

Thousands that marched through Nicosia last week, where they all Greek or just some of them?

In some countries people have the right to demostrate and protest, it is called democracy, freedom speech, freedom of expression because it is against Turkey it does not make it evil.

I am surprised that you are alien to all this.

-- #29 --
Cyprus Mail | ‘We’re stuck between Turkey and the Greek Cypriots’ by Simon Bahceli published on January 29, 2011
Mon, January 31st 2011 at 21:54 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:

No one supports the policies of current administration in the north Cyprus and only the other day thousands were in the streets calling Turkey to call it a day.

Current administration is imcompetent, racist and at least one of them have been convicted in Turkey after getting caught smuggling Cell Phones and Cigars in his suitcase.

-- #28 --
Cyprus Mail | ‘We’re stuck between Turkey and the Greek Cypriots’ by Simon Bahceli published on January 29, 2011
Mon, January 31st 2011 at 15:01 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:

Come on!!! get out of your Greek Cypriot owned house and wonder around and see the caliber of people that Turkey is sending over to colonise north Cyprus.

We need a massive prison to house all the criminals that are coming over.

This is a deliberate attemp to push TCs out of their homes.

I suppose a colaborator like you will never see the light.

Mon, January 31st 2011 at 14:52 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:

Do you realise that Turkey has transferred thousands of its citizens to north Cyprus and it has lost its creditability as a guarantor power.

-- #26 --
Sun, January 30th 2011 at 11:11 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:

''Most Turkish Cypriots are waiting for the pointless negotiations to end''

Your solitary opinion is noted.

Correction to Loriot's comment;- Most TCs can't wait to get rid of the chains holding them down in the north.

When we were with the Greeks we knew that we were second class citizens but now we have dropped down to 6th and 7th behind Hataylilar Cemniyeti, Kara Denizliler Cemniyeti, Trabzonlular Cemniyeti, Konyalilar Cemniyeti and many others.

-- #25 --
Cyprus Mail | ‘We’re stuck between Turkey and the Greek Cypriots’ by Simon Bahceli published on January 29, 2011
Sat, January 29th 2011 at 15:19 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:
Are you the Turkeys import and export cordinator?

@craigieone from uk comments
Why buy a place in a desert like place called Girne (Kerynia)? Nothing beats Shipley Yorkshire or Gateshead in Newcastle.

-- #24 --
Sat, January 29th 2011 at 11:15 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:
You are right problem created by embargoes imposed on us by Turkey.
Turkey buys nothing from the north, we export more to our brothers in the south than Turkey.

-- #23 --
Cyprus Mail | ‘We’re stuck between Turkey and the Greek Cypriots’ by Simon Bahceli published on January 29, 2011
Sat, January 29th 2011 at 11:06 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:

Turkish Cypriots are outnumbered by 5 to 1 by mainlanders thanks to the policies of Turkey.
In the near future we will be kept in a zoo to be displayed to the visitors.

-- #22 --
Cyprus Mail | Our View: Turkish Cypriot unions in no position to make demands on Ankara Published on January 28, 2011
Fri, January 28th 2011 at 11:28 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:
@andreas loucka
I wrote on this form many times that without Turkey's handout TRNC will sieze to exist.

There is no free social benefits from the south only for those people that currently working in the south.

Free medical care in the south is correct.

Hospitals in the North is below EU standards. Also hospitals in the north is swamped with paitence from Turkey seeking free health care.

Majority of the TCs use private hospitals in the north for medical care or private hospitals in Turkey.

I think it is right for Turkey to give financial aid to north after all they maintain 40,000 troops, military don't pay for utilities and thousands of its citizens are using public services with out contributing anything into the administrations coffers.

-- #21 --
Cyprus Mail | UN: Two sides have made progress but more work needed Published on January 26, 2011
Wed, January 26th 2011 at 22:06 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:

Is that your defence? Why is it Greek propaganda ? Thousands of TCs left Cyprus, details of last census never published, why do you think that is?

Is North Cyprus like North Korea, secretive society?
TRNC still living in 1974 and rest of the world moved to 2011. 
You have been left behind wake up.

-- #20 --
Wed, January 26th 2011 at 21:51 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:

Times have changed we the TCs only form 20% of the population in the North.

We used to be 20% of the whole island, at best we can only be junior partners in ROC, more Russians live in Cyprus then TCs.

These are the facts that our very clever leaders managed to achive last 36 yrs.

Next 36 years we will be less in numbers than so called free donkeys in Karpaz.

So stop betraying your country for a flimsy Greek Cypriot house.

-- #19 --
Tue, January 25th 2011 at 21:34 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:

The awakening.

TRNC legally doesn.t exist, it is just about stand up with the help of Turkish tax payers.

As soon as Turkey stops the handouts TRNC will collapse. I don't uderstand why you cannot see this fact.

-- #18 --
Cyprus Mail | A visit to be remembered: Angela Merkel in Cyprus By Andrestinos Papadopoulos Published on January 23, 2011
Sun, January 23rd 2011 at 23:16 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:
@ Realpolitik

You wrote 'Turkey spends 3.8% of its annual expenditure on North Cyprus which is miniscule'

Is this Turkish Tax payers money?

If it is then it should be spent in Turkey to better the lives of Turkish people and not in Cyprus, enriching already very rich elite in Cyprus.

307 years of ottoman rule brought to both Greek and Turkish communities misery, deprivation, hunger and rebellion to the island.

Upto 1839 Cyprus was never treated by the ottomans as a part of ottoman province.

Ottomans used to auction the governor's position and the highest bidder would become ottoman governnor of Cyprus.

-- #17 --
Cyprus Mail | A visit to be remembered: Angela Merkel in Cyprus By Andrestinos Papadopoulos Published on January 23, 2011
Sun, January 23rd 2011 at 19:22 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:

Loriot you are dreaming again, TRNC will not become Macau of Turkey.

TRNC will cease to exist. Country is broke it can just about pay the civil servants courtesy of Turkish tax payer.

Unions are out in the streets, last 36 years North has been mis managed by Mr Eroglu and Co.

I think we should take up our seats in the Republic's chamber of deputies as soon as possible and bring this silly division to an end.

-- #16 --
Cyprus Mail | Christofias: I don’t believe the issues will be resolved in Geneva By George Psyllides Published on January 22, 2011
Sat, January 22nd 2011 at 18:25 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:

You wrote 'The only show takes place between the two leaders, monitored by the UN Secretary General. Everything else is rubbish'

You must live in a different planet to rest of us.

Mr Eroglu is Turkey's representative and spoke person on Cyprus.

To think otherwise is not being realistic.

-- #15 --
Tue, December 21st 2010 at 19:25 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:

Turkish Cypriot administration by declaring UDI in 1983 has relinquished her claim against ROC.

Now I don't understand how we can say that ROC should not have signed an agreement with state of Israel in order to explore for oil and gas around Cyprus.

-- #14 --
Wed, December 22nd 2010 at 17:17 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments: 

Turkish Cypriots are being subjected to strick searches when crossing to North from South.

However, at Kyrenia and Famagusta ferry ports customs officers are allowing goods to come into North Cyprus without any controls from Turkey.

Double standarts @ Republic de Banana.

Here we have Loriot trying to justify illegality

-- #13 --
Cyprus Mail | Turkish Cypriots protest shopping crack down By George Psyllides Published on December 22, 2010
Wed, December 22nd 2010 at 20:08 | hassan kemal from Uk/Kyrenia comments:

Ananin rokkasi, Cyprus is under arm occupation and has been since 1974.

Turkey buys nothing from North Cyprus, speak to manufacturers.

-- #12 --
Tue, December 21st 2010 at 10:39 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:

Loriot is not a person as we know it.

He was never born he was created, an expriment that went wrong during the cold war.

I hope this explains it to you.

Welcome to the site

Mon, December 20th 2010 at 19:48 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:
@ geoff briggs from petra tu romiou

You should be more carefull what you say to JT, as England has been occuping 100sq miles of Cyprus for a long time, we might ask you to leave.

Mon, December 20th 2010 at 15:25 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:

I happen to live in Kyrenia, unlike you I was actually born there.

My grandmother was born in Templos, re-named after 2000 years as Zeytinlik ( Olive Grove ) irony is there are no olive trees left.

-- #9 --
Cyprus Mail | Eroglu in Ankara for heart surgery Published on December 19, 2010
Sun, December 19th 2010 at 22:26 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:
@Hasan from Istanbul

''Who cares [for the] EU''

I suggest tomorrow you count the lorries driving on E5 towards Europe and we talk on Tuesday.

If we stop buying from Turkey you will be cannibals eating each other.

-- #8 --
Thu, December 16th 2010 at 10:53 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:

Anyone following the TCs press would have known about Eroglu's tv speech.

He was saying that UN agrees with him that he is not going wait for ever and he should be going his separate way.

Eroglu's intention from day 1 was find an excuse and put an end to negotiations, have a referendum majority of North population is made up of Turks from Turkey and become a province of Turkey.

Today Mr Soyer former 'prime minister' admitted that TCs are 120,000 and the remaining 600,000 made up of people from Turkey including 200,000 illegal immigrants. Only 40,000 people are registered for tax purposes.

-- #7 --
Wed, December 15th 2010 at 16:17 | hassan kemal from UK/kyrenia comments:

Eventuality in Cyprus.

Unitary state all Cypriots living under one nationality and one flag.

Individuals rights protected by constitution.

-- #6 --
Wed, December 15th 2010 at 14:17 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:
@JRB from Limassol

I agree most Cypriots want a solution except misguided few.

Solution MUST take away the influence of other countries involved in Cyprus issue and everybody knows what this means.

-- #5 --
Wed, December 15th 2010 at 12:12 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:

You know that I am right and you still insist that majority of the TCs are against settlement.

Last bayram majority of the TCs spent their holidays in South Cyprus some with Greek friends.

As they probably feel more at home in Greek South than Turkish North.

-- #4 --
Wed, December 15th 2010 at 11:56 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:

Majority of the Turkish Cypriots are in favour of settlement and live in a unitary state.

It is regrettable that majority of the people living in North Cyprus are from Turkey, most of these people are manipulated by Turkish Embassy and Turkish Cypriot politicians like Eroglu, Tore, and many others.

So I would disregard this opinion poll as it doesn't represent facts.

-- #3 --
Mon, December 13th 2010 at 13:24 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:

Most rightwing TCs will disagree with me but deep down they know that I am right.

This has nothing to do with education it is common sense.

How can a small community dictate to a majority ?

After all we are a small community in Cyprus, who can disagree with this ?

-- #2 --
Mon, December 13th 2010 at 10:55 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:

TC can only be a junior partners in a future comprehensive settlement.

We only form 20% of the population and it is madness to demand equal rights in a future partnership.

-- #1 --
Fri, November 26th 2010 at 22:05 | hassan kemal from UK/Kyrenia comments:
John Alexander,

North Cyprus is a failed state. It will never be able to stand on it feet without someone supporting it.

At my last visit to Turkey which was only 3 days ago many Turks are angry that Turkish Government's handout to North Cyprus.

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