Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cypriot 2012 wishes with a healthy dose of truth

By Gregoris Gregoriou on Facebook at a 'Cyprus Forum' thread | Good evening ,İyi akşamlar, to all TCs
It's really interesting to read your ideas about a peaceful reunified Cyprus ...
You are always complaining about GCs being selfish , being chauvinists, being racists!!! And there comes the cliche" Turkish Cypriots have been suffering as from 1963 onwards".... Well my TC friends, if this is your idea about us , then I'm sorry but you know nothing about us at all! And indeed I'm sorry if you got the idea that I'm just another "chauvinist Greek Cypriot" because I'm not.

Turkish Cypriots do suffer but it is their own leadership and their own actions mainly , that brought them all these problems they are facing today ... TMT and that fascist Denktash forced TCs to leave their properties in the South and move North in order to achieve isolation and TAKSIM ...

Please, just compare the mentality of the vast majority of GCs that condemn those idiots of EOKA B that tried to force Makarios to accept ENOSIS, VS the mentality of the vast majority of TCs that consider Denktash to be a "national hero"... Compare our behavior towards you when we accept you to get all your citizenship rights , including free hospitals, free schools , pensions , jobs e.t.c. while you only accept us coming as visitors in our own land and properties ... Compare the Cyprus Republic trying to preserve all Muslim Temples and most of the Turkish cemeteries while most of our Churches in the North have been destroyed , turned into stables , public toilets , or museums by the "trnc"

You demand to have your own country? O.K. by me! But you cannot have it both ways:You can't keep our properties in the North AND claim your rights in the South. You can't say you are Cypriot citizens with Rights but at the same time avoid to recognize your obligations towards the legal government , pay taxes , register your cars e.t.c. You can't talk about a peaceful solution and at the same time provoke us with that s..t-flag with lights glowing cabaret-like on Pentadaktylos ... 

If anyone from our side touches a single hair on your head , he will end up in jail! And what about all those killings of unarmed citizens by Turkish soldiers or Grey Wolves during the last 37 years- who did you get in jail? Nobody!!!
So please, don't try to tell me to give peace a chance... I'm a family man and of course I want peace! And of course I would like to have TCs and Turkish friends too! But we are all equal and I'll never accept orders from Turkey!
I hope that you agree with me that the best solution to Cyprus problem is ONE MAN- ONE VOTE! Nothing else will work because I am Greek and I will protect your rights if you protect mine! Simple DEMOCRACY rules!
I'm sure you will reconsider your thoughts about GCs and become real friends! I really respect you and I thank you for your time! I wish you and your family a happy new year full of health and prosperity!

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