Monday, January 9, 2012

The "Κοινόν Κυπρίων" of our generation

The common will of Cypriots was captured in the resounding 76% of negative votes when rejecting the 2004 Annan Plan that aimed to serve interests outside the island. People from all walks of life and all political beliefs came together to offer their wisdom and common sense, against strong foreign influence that threatened them to succumb. Cypriots sent out the message that democracy, international law and human rights cannot be tailored or trimmed to suit others.

"Κοινόν Κυπρίων" (Common League) was an important institution back in the Roman Years representing a bond between Cypriots against their enemies and conquerors. For our generation, it means the common will to pass a thunderous 'NO' to any “imported” solution aiming to legitimize two unforgivable wrongdoings.
  • The extorted constitution of 1960 which solved Great Britain's "Cyprus problem"
  • The 1974 invasion that solved Turkey's "Cyprus problem"
Both wrongdoings happened at the expense of Cypriots. The fact is Cypriots never actually had a “Cyprus problem”. Cypriots' only problem was Turkey, that started planting & nurturing the seed of hatred, resulting in division in the 1950s, by exploiting the Muslim minority of our island and Britain's desire to maintain a sovereign, military and colonialist presence in Cyprus.

Our "Κοινόν Κυπρίων" today emanates from Cypriot common sense, the common sense and truth of the western world, against Turkey's hypocrisy and imperialism!

We need to unite and pass a simple albeit strong message to all Cypriot party leaders and politicians, regardless which office they hold.

We need to show the path to our leaders, as we did in 2004, and for this we must not antagonize them. After all they are bound by a series of mistakes going back in history, with each mistake tracing its roots to Cypriots fighting for their right of self-determination, against the plots and interests of foreign powers, to have the defining say for their future.

We cannot replace the politicians sitting at the negotiating table but there is nothing that can stop us from giving them a mandate so powerful they cannot ignore: our generation's "Κοινόν Κυπρίων"!

Please help empower Cypriot political leaders by co-signing the petition "Free Cyprus".

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