Thursday, March 3, 2011

Revolution 101 for tCypriots & e-negotiating 1963!

As a member of the gCypriot right I feel the responsibility to tell you that a solution based on November 30 1963 is the minimum which would assure me that tCypriots are both genuine and reasonable, in seeking a fair solution for a UNITED CYPRUS without divisive elements just about everywhere in the constitution. tCypriots accepting the November 30 1963 document as the basis would mean that they recognize the rotten deal the 82% gCypriot majority was coerced to accept in 1960, a deal accommodating foreign interests and ignoring local ones, a deal which would have been rejected 10-fold by any sane gCypriot leader if left free to decide.

The solution to our Turkeyish problem is a modified 1960. Negotiating the November 30 1963 ideas can lead faster to a fair and workable solution, to a far smoother implementation than any separatist BBF solution which takes into account the ill results of Turkey's fascistic 1974 invasion. It is an honorable basis indeed if taksim (division) is not on peoples' minds and we are finally ready to forgive for past mistakes and move on!

My personal message to tCypriots is to send a double message with their next march. Do not simply send a message to Turkey's fascists by holding flags of the RoC. Send a clear message to the gCypriots too, a far more important message, by holding flags with one magic date: November 30th 1963!

You will speak volumes, telling gCypriots three very crucial things:
  • that you no longer wish to hypocritically hide behind an "equality" which was the very source of the problems that ensued, an ill-designed equality, product of a fascist Turkey thinking "strategically" and a colonial power that was only minding her own interests;
  • that you wish a truly fair negotiation for a European RoC, that promotes UNITY, not DIVISION of Cyprus along manufactured lines, a unitary state solution with elements of local and communal self administration on issues of low level politics, a Cyprus for the Cypriots only! 
  • that you honestly wish to be constructive partners of the Republic, with your cultural rights safeguarded, and your community rights respected, albeit redefined to be commensurate to your 1959 18% numbers (in 1960 you "achieved" guaranteed representation in security and remaining public positions 122% and 67% over and above your community's numbers!!) 
Demand of your leaders to immediately negotiate with Christofias a 1963 based solution!

tCypriots' revolution is that simple! Enough wondering about in the desert. Turkey can be out by end of Spring 2011 and we will all be well on our way to fix up our country!

Those of you who wish to engage in e-negotiating or better e-proposing a 1960 / November 30 1963 based solution please send me your ideas/comments to or here on my blog. I will soon  post on my blog separate entries with each of the original 13 points plus one. I added a 14th point, which did not exist in 1963, which will be dealing with how to best undo the damage caused since 1974 as well as other ideas which may not fit in the updated first 13, perhaps such as:

  • the VP position to be guaranteed for a tCypriot until such time that a tCypriot is elected by a majority CYPRIOT population for the Presidency, in which case the VP position is given to a gCypriot
  • NO greek or turkish flags at any public (or semi-) institution anywhere in Cyprus! Just the Cyprus and EU flags! Enough of the "mother" nations! Individuals can do as they wish!
  • No external meddling ever without Cypriot consent! No sovereign foreign bases either, without Cypriot agreement!

I will also post MY final version. You can call it Antifon's version. I will also post an Anti-Antifon's version if one of you tCypriots, genuine supporter of a unitary state solution 1960 v2.0, is willing to play along.

Hopefully, we will have only one version, with options, which will constitute the basis for the 14-point 2011 Wide-Base Agreement (as opposed to the 1977 & 1979 High-Level Agreements)! The 13 points will be the November 30 1963 as modified through our discussions and Point #14 serves two purposes: first, it will include all ideas that improve our constitution and do not fall in points 1 through 13; but perhaps more importantly for some (gCypriot superstition) it catapults us away from the unlucky 13! 

Let's discuss the 14-point 2011 Wide-Base Agreement. When you disagree with something, please provide as detailed a reasoning as possible. The WHY behind the proposal/idea is what's important. If we can all understand the fear/concern/worry/hope behind the suggestion perhaps we can identify even better remedies.

In my opinion the below assessments cannot be disputed:
  • Turkey will face growing tCypriot opposition as their fear of extinction grows
  • Turkey will come under extreme pressures to abandon her Cyprus adventure especially given her losing the ethical high ground, as well as sole legal ground, as attested by tCypriot protests. 
  • As the EU becomes a tightly knit federation it won't easily forget that the potentially gas-rich Cyprus is 100% EU territory.
  • gCypriots, the overwhelming (82%) country's majority, will never agree a federation or any solution for that matter on a 1960 "equality"/taksim logic 
  • a federation solution would require gCypriots to risk too much, whereas a 1960 v2.0, a continuation of the current constitution is more likely to prove workable and its implementation much smoother.
    It is my strong personal belief that the November 30 1963 document constitutes a visionary proposal, perhaps even to form the basis in the near future for the solution to Turkey's 87 year old internal conflict between its majority ethnic Turk and minority ethnic Kurd (25%) communities.

    It is time we be honest with our tCypriot compatriots and let them know that we gCypriots have a vision for a unitary state solution with elements of local and communal self administration on issues of low level politics which will:
    • protect all cultural rights of tCypriots, as well as their, redefined within reason, community rights
    • never recognize any line or worse allow for such line to become a border in the future
    • demand that the human & property rights of all Cypriots be respected 
    • commit to undo the results of 1974, not least of which the cultural violation, with the minimum effect on the lives of legal Cypriots & legal residents
    • compensate the families of all victims of the 60s
    • immediately begin to prepare the unification of all government agencies

      Let's e-negotiate 1963! 

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