Thursday, March 3, 2011

Point #8 of November 30 1963 proposal - Debate it!

Point 8. The division of the Security Forces into Police and Gendarmerie to be abolished Since the establishment of Independence the Security Forces of the Republic have been divided into Police and Gendarmerie and operate as two separate and distinct Forces in defined areas and under separate command.

This division of the Security Forces is entirely unnecessary and should be abolished for the following reasons:-

(a) with the existence of two Forces under separate command, separate Headquarters for each Force had to be established. This has led to unnecessary financial expenditure;

(b) the creation of separate commands necessitates concentration of many officers at Headquarters and causes a waste of manpower, especially in the higher ranks. At least 200 officers are engaged 16 in additional administrative posts due to the division and duplication of the administration. There now also exists a greater ratio of officers visa-vis men without a corresponding increase in the total numerical strength. This increase in personnel costs the State an additional expenditure of at least 150,000 Cyprus pounds per annum;

(c) due to the division of the Security Forces and their command into two, both at Headquarters level and at Divisional level, the cohesion and strength of the Security Forces is adversely affected and results, inter alia, in lack of uniformity of discipline and in friction between the two separate Forces;

(d) in case of an emergency or other grave situation neither Force will have readily available for immediate use the full strength of the Security Forces and their reserves.

Finally, the experience gained in having only one Force, the Police Force, which worked efficiently and effectively for so many years proves that there is no valid reason for the division of the Security Forces into Police and Gendarmerie, a course not even warranted by the size of the Island.

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