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Friday, October 30, 2015

Thoughts on An Open Letter To The Unconquerable Greeks

"Regard this letter
As token payment long since overdue
From your eternal debtor—
This we declare:
By all men in extremity everywhere,
By earth and water, by fire and air,
We solemnly swear:
Homer is not dead,"

Homer wrote a story. A story about a war. A war among Greeks. When it ended, somewhere around 1200 bc a few men never made it back home, to Kyrenia in the Peloponese. Instead they landed in northern Cyprus. Two Kyrenian brothers founded Kyrenia & Lapithos each. The place reminded them of home. Their kingdoms, along with many similar others gave Cyprus its character through the millennia. Rich. Uninterrupted.
Homer is not dead.
But the debt is. Long forgotten.
Fascist and Hun
Cleansed from the land of Demosthenes?
I cannot even begin to describe our agony
for the lessons abused, the lessons not learned
Demosthenes would have a thing or two to say
to the eternally indebted about bizonal blasphemy
We too have one

Source: Comment on 30-10-2015
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