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Friday, September 18, 2015

What a load of good old all American crap!

The “United States is committed to finding a just and lasting settlement reunifying Cyprus as a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation”, says Obama in his bimonthly report on Cyprus.

What a load of good old all American crap!

This is like saying a Just & Lasting Apartheid.

If the American and British policy makers had a shred of decency they would define bizonality for us. But they don't because they know, first that it exists nowhere, and second that even if it did it cannot be applied in Cyprus where every prefecture (επαρχία) is legally majority Christian both population as well as property-wise.

Therefore they keep on producing these meaningless reports in the hope that noone will notice that ALL THEY CARE FOR IS THE BASES. They could not care less about democracy or justice & a BBF that they know would fall apart suits them far better than the pain in the butt Republic of Cyprus.

The only way these assholes (trust me, that's exactly what they are) will take us seriously if they are told in no uncertain terms that the bases will go to Russia and China unless they live up to their responsibilities for the territorial integrity and constitutional order (with all apartheid clauses removed) of the Republic of Cyprus.

Read this 2008 cable by the US embassy in Cyprus if in doubt.

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