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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Asylum in Europe is not the solution for Islamic world | a comment on Facebook I liked

This is a comment on Facebook on the refugee crisis, by Shailendra Mishra, which I pass unedited. It hits the nail on the head of a great many gigantic truths ---- Social evolution is a very painful and many times a bloody process . Those living in Middle East countries see the current European society or American society and when they compare these peaceful societies with those of conflict zones of Iraq, Syria, Libya ,Yemen etc. they start asking why they are being killed while those in Europe or US are living in peace and prosperity ! And then they start searching excuses like US invasion as the root cause of their problem.

But the real problem lies somewhere else ! When Iraq captured Kuwait, it was the responsibility of Arab States, Iran and Egypt to liberate Kuwait . But what did these neighbours do ? Nothing ! And then US had to intervene on request of the legitimate government of Kuwait.

U.S had also attacked Vietnam but once US left, Vietnam didn't go under civil war ! Even Koreans didn't go under civil war ! Britishers left India after two hundred years of rule , but once they left, Indians didn't fight a civil war . So is the story with South Africa .

But once US left Iraq , civil war broke out . Same is true with Libya and Afghanistan . Why ?
Let us go into the history of social evolution to find the answer .

You become many times angry and start abusing Europeans / Americans for your own bloody fate . But you never realise how much sacrifice those European countries have done in past to achieve their own freedom, peace and prosperity . You fail to realise that millions of Europeans died to achieve their freedom from kings, feudals and dictators . You fail to realise how Europeans fought with their church to free their state from religious fanaticism . You fail to realise that during French Revolution alone, they had to kill thousands of Christians priests to achieve secularism .

You fail to realise that when their freedom was threatened by a monster called Hitler , none of Europeans fled as refugees to Asia ; rather they stayed back in their own land and fought with that dictator . Nearly thirty million Europeans / Americans/ USSR people voluntarily fought and sacrificed their life to protect their freedom during Second World War .

If today Europe or Americans are free and peaceful, this is because their ancestors made great sacrifice for their future generation .

Now compare this with Middle East ! Where is the equivalent of Glorious revolution of 1688AD or French Revolution of 1789AD in Middle East ? Where is the fight against the political Islam just like what happened against church in Europe ?

Even today, majority of Muslims ( except Kurds ) are fighting in the name of Allah and not in name of freedom ! So, if you are fighting in the name of Allah, you can get only what Allah has prescribed for you ! How can you expect to get freedom when you don't fight in the name of freedom ?

This is the real dilemma which the Muslim world is facing . You can't love your faith and at the same time expect freedom like Europe because Europeans achieved their freedom by fighting against their religion .
Europeans can write anything , against anyone , even against Christ and can even make fun of him and the state will protect them !

But what is your laws in Middle East ? Can you write against the God and his prophet ? No . Because if you dare to write so, forget state , even those who are seeking refugee status will kill you . Now, if this is the status of your social evolution currently , how can you expect to live in freedom and peace like Europeans or Americans do !

With this much little social evolution, you are bound to live under either a dictator like Saddam, or a tyrant monarchy like Saudi or under extremely barbarians like Isis ! You have no other option right now . If you want to get your true freedom , your generation too has to make great sacrifices like Europeans did in past . May be millions of young people of your generation would have to die so that your children may enjoy freedom for ever . You have to create your own equivalent of French Revolution ? You have to die fighting against not only Isis but even against the Islamic preachers . Let it be very clear , if you don't fight against political Islam , you better forget the dream of getting absolute freedom like Europeans.

But unfortunately people in Middle East have so much affinity for political Islam that they don't realise that this is the root cause of problems .

And this is the main reason why the Europeans are not willing to accept you as refugees . In the past they took Algerians , Moroccans, Somalians, Afghans etc . And the result ! The result is Charlie Hebdo !

The French society which killed thousands of Christian preachers during French Revolution to get freedom from church , the society where even Christ can be mocked ; suddenly now finds that some morons are objecting to the cartoons of Muhammad . Do you understand what does it mean to the French society ? This means that the great sacrifice of the French revolutionaries has been undone by unevolved stupid refugees .

What does this further mean ? This means that Europeans / Americans have to fight back to preserve their freedom . And one step of this fight back is to stop accepting refugees from unevolved societies ! This is what is happening now ! They are not willing to accept refugees because these people are a threat to their freedom .

This is bound to happen . No free society will like to lose its freedom . They can go to any extent to preserve their right . And let us not forget that history has been very cruel to those who refuse to evolve with time . Free societies hit back and sometimes hit back very hard, that may even appear very barbaric but this is on what the goddess of freedom survives . Japanese tasted this brutal response of the free society during Second World War .

So what is the solution of the Middle East crisis ! No near term solution appears in sight . The war may go on for long and you have to fight for your future generations. Running away as refugee is not the solution for two reasons , one , that there is limit to what any country will accept you as refugees
and second , that running away is not going to evolve your society and problem remains unsolved . Even increase in refugees in free societies may create unrest in future and if that happens then where will you go !

So, the path to bright future is only one . And that is the path of sacrifice and martyrdom ! This is what Kurds have started . Muslim youths of other countries have to learn from Kurds , come forward, say clearly that the days of political Islam are over and fight for democracy and secularism . Freedom, democracy and secularism are inseparable. Anybody who claims to fight for freedom under any religious banner is a fraud ! Either you fight for democracy and absolute secularism with modern pro human laws or you prepare yourself to live under brutal monarchs or dictators with sharia as state law .

Choice is yours . Asylum is not , not the solution ; it is going to be one of major problems in long term .


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