Thursday, September 4, 2014

The moment Erdoğan muzzles the Greek MP!

I wonder if our government is informed of this incident (sometime in 2009) between Marios Matsakis (Cypriot MEP) & Erdoğan. It's titled “The moment when Erdoğan muzzles the Greek MP!”. I got some help to translate it & offer us what I believe to be valuable insight into the man that has recently become President. Erdoğan uses an extremely unusual and offensive language. Both his overall message and the way he addresses Matsakis are highly offensive. I am told that only a native speaker of Turkish can appreciate the demeaning tone of his language which is highly disturbing and disrespectful.

Erdoğan openly ridicules the MEP, and when he refers to “shaking his head”, he probably implies a saying in Turkish which is about “shaking your ass and head at the same time after not doing what you have promised to do”. Or, I am told, there is even worse slang about “shaking” so he might have implied the nastier versions. We simply don't know the depths of the pit.

And he refers to the MEP, using the second singular person. This is what adults use to address minors so he is speaking to him like an adult speaks with a child or with an unimportant person – that is also another thing he does to insult him because in formal situations (like while meeting people for the first time) plural second-person should be used out of respect.

How gullible can our president be to write a letter asking for the cooperation of this psychopath? When will we finally admit to our selves that we are dealing with something extraordinarily sinister here? When will we realize that the only way to battle this mentality is by fighting it on same terms &. Only then we shall be able to get our point across. Not to Erdogan. He will never get it. But hopefully we can expose him and ridicule him in front of his western buddies, as they are contemplating ditching him.

The exchange follows:

Matsakis asks his question in English – you can listen to it – he basically asks whether Turkish troops will stay on the island or leave. Now Erdoğan’s answer: “All those things are included in that plan. And we said “yes” to all of them as required (by the plan) including distributing lands etc. We talked about them all. When it was time to sign (the plan), the Greek side and South Cypriot (Rep. of Cyprus) side said and it is very interesting, they said “let’s delay this. Let’s not do it now.” Mr. Annan turned to us and asked me “What do you think, Mr. Prime Minister?”, I said “I have promised you that we will finish this job before the 1 may 2014 referendum.” And Greece turned to South Cyprus and said to them “we've made a deal here. We will sign this and finish this job.”

The deal was signed that day and it was over. The referendum was made one week later, on 1 may 2014. Northern Cyprus (pseudo-state) kept its promise, saying “yes” to the Annan plan with a rate of 65 %, but the South said “no” to it with 75 %. Right? Is what I’ve been talking about correct? Did South Cyprus say no with 75 %? I am asking you? (he is asking the MEP). Answer my question! Speak with a microphone. Can you pass the microphone there?

Matsakis says that he was not looking for such a long answer, and reiterates his question, and Erdoğan continues:

"That’s so beautiful. Now you’re speaking just like a journalist. But I am not speaking like a journalist. I am speaking like someone who is involved in the incident and experiences it. It was the South Cyprus that deceived the European Union. And a more interesting thing happened. South Cyprus became a member of the EU. What did Chancellor Merkel say? She said it was wrong to accept South Cyprus into the EU.

You can shake your head as much as you want to. (he says addressing Matsakis again). We have a beautiful saying in our country (about your situation) but it would not be suitable here (makes fun of him - people laugh and applaud) I am telling you the truth. I am telling you what happened.

And on 27 May 2014, Koffi Annan prepared his report. And this report has been swept under the rug in the security council of the UN. It is under the rug… the security council of the UN has still not announced the result of this report. Only Koffi Annan himself and the authorities of the security council of the UN know what is inside this report. But German Chancellor Mr. Schröder too knows this process well. In the work he has written, he tells about what was done in that process. If you condescend to read it, (you’ll see ) it contains information about what happened in that process as they were directly involved in it.

So we have done all positive things we need to do in Cyprus but South Cyprus has failed to do any of them. And it still does not do them. And now that it has become an EU member by the skin of its teeth, it ideally uses the authority it has gained. That is what it is. And the Turkish armed forces and Turkey are never occupiers. They are there by their brothers as a guarantor country. Just as Greece is a guarantor there, Turkey is also a guarantor. You have to know it like that! Thank you."

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