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Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Exclusive Economic Zone of Cyprus

"Turkey" today threatened Russia and Italy about participating in Cyprus's EEZ. "Turkey" refuses to see what the rest of the world sees: a UN, EU member. Turks as a result, ethnic Turks, believe the world has a problem. And they are right. "Turkey" is fast becoming the world's number one problem!

Ps. The bit of sea on the top right of the map could very well be Kurdish EEZ by end of 2013!

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Turkey's Kurds & Cyprus' tCypriots

As either unitary state or federation solutions are discussed as replacements to Cyprus' 1960 and Turkey's 1923 unworkable constitutions, should we abide by "if a right is a right too many for Turkey's Kurdish community (circa 23% of population) then that right is a right too many for Cyprus' tCypriot community too (circa 15%), and vice versa." Is the adoption of this fair logic the catalyst to securing just solutions for both UN countries.