Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Thanksgiving for Christians, Jews and Muslims alike

As a university student in America I always enjoyed the four day Thanksgiving holiday tradition. On Thanksgiving day, the fourth Thursday of every November, Americans give thanks to God, one's own, for the blessings and mercies throughout the year. It's the holiday season most likely to see members of the family come together from the four corners of the country and the world. And of course Thanksgiving dinner without turkey would be unthinkable. Like or hate it, turkey will feature on every Thanksgiving table across the country, and its delicious end will be accompanied with the thanks of an entire nation for the blessings it received during the year!

I have in mind a different Thanksgiving relating to the end of a different "turkey" which will unite not just one nation, but a host of nations, from all monotheistic faiths, that would join in spirit to give thanks for the blessing if this particular "turkey" were to cease to exist in its current form, a blessing the region so much deserves. A nation would be free at last of the "turkey" to celebrate its nationhood and freedom, another would find peace in its heart for a past genocide that was never recognized by the "turkey", a third would rejoice as it would be free of the "turkey" 's occupation and see the "turkey" 's heinous colonization policies against it reversed, a fourth would finally find the warmongering "turkey" of a neighbor gone and at long last respectful of its rich history, a fifth would find comfort in knowing that the "turkey" that sought its destruction after pretending to be its friend gets a well deserved lesson, a sixth would recognize that finding its own path to democracy was all along the only option despite the suggestions that the "turkey" had a model to offer (as if it was possible for the "turkey" that set back that nation's civilization millennia was capable of offering a model), yet another would feel justice was served since the "turkey" had thrown decades of friendship out the window because of incomprehensible megalomania, the nations of Europe would no longer would have to hypocritically pretend that the "turkey" belongs among them, and the alliance of the wider western world would be thankful for getting rid of a "turkey" that had become way problematic as of late with its bizarre new outlook on world affairs. But above all the peoples of this "turkey" would give the most thanks for the blessing of genuine democracy and the gift of no longer being subjected to the "turkey" 's wacky "reason" and screwy "logic".

Let us all celebrate the impending death of the "turkey" by placing a turkey bird on our plates once a year, covered in rich gravy, as rich as the "turkey" 's nonsense has been since 1923, and rejoice in anticipation of this "turkey" 's end and in hope that such ultra nationalistic crap never comes back.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Ps. I propose the 12th day, of the 12th month of the 12th year of this millennium as the first interfaith regional Thanksgiving day. It's close enough to the end of the year, just as the "turkey" 's end is edging ever closer.

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