Thursday, April 30, 2015

Adam Smith on Cyprus Bizonality

Adam Smith said: “This is one of those cases in which the imagination is baffled by the facts.” True, he said that a while back. But it applies perfectly in the case of bizonality for Cyprus. I have no doubt Adam Smith would consider bizonality for Cyprus not merely imagination defying the facts, but he would consider it an insult to capitalism itself.

Nowhere in the world are majority land owners, historically the majority land owners, required/ expected to cede administration of their lands (*) to minority land owners of a certain religious or communal background. De jure. Forever. Simply ludicrous. And sadly the idea is of British-American origin.

If Americans can change their mind on Assad, they sure can and must change their idea on bizonality for Cyprus. Else they cancel everything their very nation stands for. They cancel America.

* With property titles from a land registry set up in the 19th century by Adam Smith's countrymen 

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