Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Proof is in the Prophet

Hardly any mother on this earth would hesitate for her children to be taught the life of a person that lived the identical life of Christ. That in my mind has to be the quintessential difference setting Christianity and Islam apart. For nothing Christ did or said contained the tiniest shred of malice.

The contrary is not true. The details of the life of the man who introduced Islam to humanity would be at best X-rated in the movie theaters of the world, probably banned. If we accept as pure, the closest to divinity we may come on earth, the collective conscience of earth's mothers, Islam then has to be false. A false religion that makes false claims.

And the way it manifests itself reveals that if anything Islam is above all an ideology. A top-down ideology aiming to tell societies how to be structured and run. Much like Communism did. But far more dangerous. Because Islam speaks in the name of the divine; thus making it impossible to be confronted by the common as well as not so common man, for "God" said so. Many educated Muslims' last defense is, I know, I confronted them, "But what can I do, it's my religion! I must follow it".

But even as an ideology Islam has failed miserably for fourteen hundred years. A look at the state of affairs in Muslim countries is enough. It especially failed and persistently fails half its population: women. Islam's ideologues should muster the courage to call it quits. The very gentleman that introduced it is Islam's fundamental problem.

To my Muslim friends I have this to say: as hard as it may be for you to understand, my religion is of a different kind. It is divinely human. The proof is in its Prophet, the one and only Son of God, Christians believe.

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