Thursday, July 5, 2012

Piss off Watson!

This is a post by Philip de Castan on his Facebook page.

Dear Friends.

I am writing this in English, so that our friends, who do not speak or read Greek, will know what I am on about.

Today I have watched the Ceremony of the Cyprus European Presidency. I am proud as a Greek Cypriot, that my tiny Country is been given this important post, even for the period of 6 months. For the first time, I have watched and heard our President Mr. Christofias, speaking as a "real" President. It is no secret that I regard him as a failure, but today, I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised. He has handled all questions fired at him well enough, and his speech was that of a President ( for a change, and in Greek thank God ! ). I am also pleased with the Cypriot delegation to the Council of Europe that came up front with realities that their counter parts in Europe might have not realized up to now. Overall, it was a very successful inauguration on our behalf, so far ....

What really PISSED ME OFF was the attitude and the nerve demonstrated by the British member of the European Council, Mr. Watson ( I believe that is the name of the ass hole). He parked his dead horse from the days of the deceased British Empire, wearing his rusty armour of a Conqueror, covered by blood of the peoples that they have invaded trough the Empires hay days, sat down and waited for his turn to spill his poison. At this stage, I must make something VERY CLEAR to all. What ever I say about the British refers ONLY to the British Politics, and not the British people !!!!

So, when his turn came up, he proposed to us, that we must remove the barbed wire dividing the Island - amongst some other comments he made- forgetting that the British Foreign Policy has put them there. He forgets that the Turks, who eventually INVADED my Country, were pushed into the Cyprus issue while the British were on their way home. He forgets that his Government has used the very effective " divide and rule" method, which spread hatred between the Cypriot population, and more specifically, the Greek Christian MAJORITY and the Turkish Moslem Cypriots that were, and still are the MINORITY on the Island. He and his Government are the last of all people that can talk. A Country that has not taken or recognised the Euro currency ( I wonder why !...), a Country that does not really want to be part of Europe, and yet, Mr. Watson - Ass Hole and his bosses in the UK, have the cheek to tell us what to do and how to do it. Mr. Watson.

If it were up to me, I would declare you a PERSONA NON GRATA. I do not want you in my Country, not even as a tourist, let alone as a member of the Council of Europe. Europe should not want you there either. So go back where you came from, and tell your Government that the idiots they used to know during their occupation, are no longer idiots. We have moved forward, got educated and became a Nation. I am sure that, that really bothers you !

During the British rule - occupation in Cyprus, your government made sure we remained illiterate, poor and backward. You have tried to eliminate everything that was Greek on the Island, just as your underdogs are doing now. I remember as a kid, we would hoist the Greek Flag on our school. The punishment for that was to close the school for 3 days. Of course, that helped your effort to keep us uneducated. You band Greek books thinking that we will eventually forget our Heritage. You were so wrong Mr. Watson. We are MORE GREEK than ever, and we are still Christian Orthodox. You even tried to take that away from us ! YOU FAILED!!!

So go back to your Government and the Crown ( on which every precious stone represents the blood of all the peoples you so badly miss treated while you were «Lords». Go back to your Queen who signed the death of 18 and 20 year old young men fighting for their freedom. I wonder what you know about freedom despite the fact that your Country has played a very important role in the out come of both World Wars. You forgot that as well Mr. Watson. In addition, when you eventually go home, tell your superiors that your so-called “Sovereign Bases" here in Cyprus, are ending. Gradually, these ignorant and illiterate peoples of Cyprus have surpassed your levels of Education, but most important, you FAILED in preventing that, although you keep on undermining my Country and it people every chance you get or ... create.

Putting it all in a nutshell, get your bloody horse and ride off into the mist of your country and leave us alone with our sunshine. We all know what you represent and we resent that immensely. We resent you, your Queen and her government. We DO NOT want you here. We have many decent Britons living here, who we most welcomed, but you my friend, are NOT at all welcomed. Go back where you belong, in other words, PISS OFF !

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