Friday, December 24, 2010

Hooliganism or a "blessing" in disguise?

Punish those responsible for the security planning. Punish those involved in the making. Punish those who failed to respond properly. Punish those in positions of authority who failed to treat the incident as a matter of national security.
Cyprus Mail | 23 Dec 2010 | "Huge political fallout after match violence"

Turkey is in a corner. The only escape she has, the only excuse to justify her only option left on the political front, is to promote relentlessly and support with incidents, offered on a plate or manufactured, the myth of violence, racism, anti-Turkishness, hatred, "can't live together", etc., as a means to convince third parties that partition (and later annexation) is the only realistic option.

Turkey would like all to forget that the root cause of whatever hard feelings and their manifestations is Turkey herself, past actions & current inaction. Unfortunately we stand guilty of complicity. Some of us even accused of criminal forgiveness. Forgive? Yes. Forget & allow crimes go unpunished? Definitely not!

The provocations will be done in Ergenekon like fashion. Masterfully. It is all part of a plan, one of many Ergenekon has carried out in and out of Turkey, to be implemented soon. A well orchestrated one. Do not underestimate the Turkish propaganda machine. Just as you would not underestimate the Greek junta of the late 60s and early 70s, albeit the Greeks were amateurs by comparison. The deep state in Turkey is alive and well, not unlike the Japanese keiretsus, but with one noteable exception: the military at the helm, the infamous TSK.

But TSK's pride is hurt. The religious fascists in power know that if they lose Cyprus, the jewel of the Ergenekon deep state, that will be the end them. There is a war going on in Turkey in which the loser of Cyprus loses all. If we are unaware of this war in Turkey then it is almost criminal of us to confidently voice our ideas for the way forward in Cyprus. Cyprus was never a Cypriot issue. It is a game played by the big boys, the ones who invest in military equipment in order to use it.

Do not be fools. We must all be constantly alert and vigilant. Until Turkey makes her move. Because she will. Soon. In fact, the words' offensive has already begun. From the state, the state-controlled press, paid journalists. The climate must be prepared, something fascism knows very well. Turkey is running out of political time & tension seems to be the only option.

All the Cypriot political parties must inform the people of what is at stake. It is up to each and every one of us to protect Cyprus. Let us stand behind Christofias, the best chance Cyprus ever had for a peaceful resolution [I am not of his party or wider circles]. We will for sure be provoked professionally. We were once before in the early 60s. Trust me, they haven't changed. They know their jobs & they know how easy it is to provoke us after having filled our hearts with so much injustice, for so long.

The question is: have we grown up? Hace we learnt our lessons? Will we be smart enough to use Turkey's arguments against her? Will we for once get on the offensive with gestures of friedship towards the T-Cypriots? Reach the Turkish people direct by exploiting the limited democracy that is slowly creeping in Turkey? Inform the Kurds of Turkey's double standards? Will we properly articulate our position that our anger and "hatred" is against those in Turkey who have caused us so much unprovoked and unncessary pain, those in Turkey who maintain such huge injustice in Cyprus? While in Turkey herself they are, not all, just beginning to acknowledge the 87 year long suffering of their own 22+% ethnic community of Kurds, timidly suggesting 1/100th of their "equality" ideas for Cyprus with her 18% community.

You see, Cyprus Mail is looking for the silent majority in the wrong place. The Cyprus Mail should instead be looking for the silent majority where there is fascism and fear, and that's the protectorate "trnc". And this majority will simply not speak. They know very well that no one in their right mind messes with the Turkish deep state [that is why I accept with grace their friendly suggestions to seek medical help].

Greece’s new beginning was 1974. When will it be Turkey’s?

Turkey has no option but to feed the myth. And she will, no matter if an excuse is presented or not. She will not shy away from creating the excuse. 2011 is the year Turkey will make her move in Cyprus. Be prepared. Be on the alert. Be vigilant for Cyprus, as if your are a mother protecting her new born.

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