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Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Fake Teachings of a Pseudo-Prophet

The cartoon depicts an ugly and dangerous truth. Islam could not be a religion as we understand it in the west for the simple reason that Mohammed, Muslims' so-called prophet, was a military leader who (among a host of other despicable acts & behaviors) ordered people killed.

By definition, life taking, for any reason, is incompatible with religion or any god westerners would regard as such or want to believe in.

Imagine if Hitler's Mein Kampf was enriched with parts of the Old and New Testaments and he proclaimed himself a prophet. It would be a close approximation of who Mohammed was in the 7th century.

It is pointless to point to good Muslims & say Islam is good. Islam is intrinsically nasty. People are good. And millions of them happen to be born in the Muslim "faith". But whenever, for whatever reason, they come closer to their "religion" truly abhorrent things happen. Because Islam justifies and encourages them. If we were to accept Islam as a religion then we should also accept that evil, reprehensible, heinous acts can be sanctioned by religion. But that would undermine the very concept of religion.

A Muslim's last line of defense is: "but what can I do, it's my faith". That is why the answer must be "my good friend, your faith is not worth the paper it is written on because your prophet was a fake".

I know I won't get many likes for this post. But that would just be a sign of your weakness, lack of understanding or need to be likable, to fit in. Not mine.

Or perhaps you are a moderate Muslim for whom the option of speaking against Islam does not exist. Because your so-called faith forbids it.

Ps. Members of the Turkish Cypriot minority are moderate Muslims who use Islam to their advantage, by abusing its apartheid notions to secure rights in Cyprus they don't deserve, at the expense of the majority, the Christian Cypriots of Greek Orthodox, Armenian, Latin or Maronite denominations. Their swords are the 40.000 strong Turkish occupying force and the non-stop colonization and cultural rape of illegally occupied northern Cyprus. We must not let them extort super-privileges at the expense of majority Cypriots. Not again. Else we'll be faced with new trouble down the line.

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