Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bizonal Apartheid

If we exclude Bizonal Apartheid, aka Bizonal Bicommunal Federation, simply because there is no precedent in the world where in a federation the minority rules over the majority, we have two options, one of which federalists will love: either a Hexazonal Federation based on Cyprus's six historic provinces or going back to fix 1960, by removing the apartheid clauses which led to the December 1963 ethno-communal fighting and the foreign meddling clauses which allowed for the 1974 catastrophic invasion by "Turkey" and the subsequent division, ethnic cleansing, cultural destruction and illegal colonization that continues unabated to this day.

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Turkey's Kurds & Cyprus' tCypriots

As either unitary state or federation solutions are discussed as replacements to Cyprus' 1960 and Turkey's 1923 unworkable constitutions, should we abide by "if a right is a right too many for Turkey's Kurdish community (circa 23% of population) then that right is a right too many for Cyprus' tCypriot community too (circa 15%), and vice versa." Is the adoption of this fair logic the catalyst to securing just solutions for both UN countries.