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Bloody Truth

Dear all,

I regard it as a great honour to be here today to share the presentation of this excellently documented long awaited historical publication.

The “Bloody Truth” (click here for the book in PDF | the English version appears after the Greek) comes at a very crucial moment in time. At a time when so many have embarked on a ruthless systematic campaign of total distortion of historical facts making truth the first and direct victim of fragrant violation in order to reach their goals. It comes at a time when Turkish propaganda has practically gone over the top in its efforts to accuse the Greek Cypriots as those responsible for the events of 1963/64. It comes at a time when, failing to impose upon us the monstrosity of the “Annan Plan” which also included provisions for the distortion of our history books, Turkey and her allies are resolute in implementing this plan and its pro-Turkish provisions through the back door.

Looking at the title of the book - “ Bloody Truth” - that is exactly what it contains and what it reveals.

It is incredible that the truth, most of which was not a secret, say kept under lock and key by any Archive rules under whatever regulation, but, on the contrary widely known, months of first page coverage in the National Press in Cyprus which rested idle in the libraries and the Government’s Public Information Office, was surprisingly ignored.

A grave mistake. As, this weakness and failure of the Greek side -Cyprus and Greece- to speak out, promote the truth and what really happened as from 1950 through to 1974 and, in particular, those bloody years of 1963/64, as well as those that followed … this weakness and failure offered the chance to Turkey and her mastering supporters to take advantage of the historical vacuum and fabricate atrocious lies against their own victim, the People of Cyprus, of which the 18% are Turkish Cypriots and the 82% are Greek Cypriots.

On these very lies, Turkey built up the excuse to execute the long awaited plan of the barbaric invasion of Cyprus in July 1974, so concluding the main part of the 1958 Turkish Plan for the “Repossessing of Cyprus”, complemented by the 1964 British Plan for the -so called- the “Future of Cyprus”.

These very lies, were the foundation of the implementation of the Master-plan for the PARTITION of Cyprus.

Yet, this “Bloody Truth” persevered! Awaiting patiently its salvage, for well over 45 years. As they say, Truth always finds its way out. And it did.

In December 1963 the Turkish Cypriots attacked the Greek Cypriots and that is the “Bloody Truth” of the situation. Ankara was behind the whole operation. An operation that was in progress long before the Independence of 16 August 1960 and which continued until December 1963, when the Turkish Cypriots executed their plan to dissolve the Republic of Cyprus and create two states in Cyprus. An action that equaled a coup against the legitimate government of the Republic of Cyprus, by the same people who had sworn to serve it. .

It is worth referring today, as a valuable contribution to this book, to what Deputy Commander and virtual initiator of the United Nations Force in Cyprus in March 1964 British General Michael Carver wrote to James Callaghan, British Foreign Secretary, on the 2nd August 1974.

Callaghan had asked for his views on the Cyprus issue vis-à-vis the Geneva negotiations. In his long reply, Michael Carver said, among others:

“… Most British tended to sympathize with the Turks as having been “loyal” to the British in the EOKA emergency as the minority and the underdog.

The Turks received a proportion of representation in all branches of Government and public service, out of proportion both to their numbers and also to their education and abilities – about 30%.

In spite of this, they never tried to make the constitution work positively, as a machine to administer and develop Cyprus as an entity, in the interests of Cyprus as a whole. They merely used their position negatively to veto anything, however trivial, to which they objected….

I am convinced that the Turks do not care tuppence for the real interests of the Turkish Cypriots. Their motives are: An out of date military fear of a hostile power established in Cyprus. Given their dominating geographical position, it is absurd of them to worry about it…

Cyprus is and always has been overwhelmingly Greek…The Turkish attitude makes it impossible to develop Cyprus as a modern, efficient and prosperous country, or to practise democracy, whatever interpretation one puts on it…

In the light of these general aims, the policy of Ankara since 1964 has been to exaggerate the plight of the Turkish Cypriots’ to blame their state of siege and non-co-operation into Makarios in particular, and the Greek Cypriots in general. They have at times positively encouraged a refugee and ghetto complex, in the hope that it could eventually lead to partition or, at least, to a Turkish Sovereign Base Area. They have now acquired the latter by force of arms.”

Michael Carver’s “Final Word” was:

“The Turks do not know the meaning of the word compromise. History has taught them that they cannot compete in wits or in argument with the Greeks. Their only hope resides in a stubborn refusal to budge, however long they may have to wait for results and however much they may suffer in the process.”

I strongly believe that the Movement for FREEDOM & JUSTICE IN CYPRUS has undertaken a historical initiative in putting together this strongly documented evidence. The book “Bloody Truth” puts back into prospective the real facts, raises awareness and enlightens especially foreign missions, politicians, academics and the Members of the European Parliament, of what is really happening for 45 years in this beautiful, sunny and hospitable Island.

As a result of which, Cyprus and its people suffered -and are still suffering- the consequences of one of the most brutal, bloody, illegal and barbaric foreign invasions of the 20th century.

Thank you.

Fanoula Argyrou
Member of the Movement for Freedom and Justice in Cyprus
Nicosia 8th April, 2009

(As published in whole in Cyprus Weekly April 2009)

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