Monday, April 16, 2012

Why does Cyprus have a 'Cyprus problem'?

Dear Minister,

Why does Cyprus have a 'Cyprus problem'?

I understand it may be a Cyprus problem from the UK's or Turkey's perspective, or even the UN's. But why do we Cypriots accept the humiliation that Cyprus has a Cyprus problem? What is so problematic about us that we need to advertise to the world as such? Where is our national pride?

The problem of course does have a name! I urge you to demand that the UNSG stop referring to the problem as the 'Cyprus problem', and begin referring to it as Cyprus's TURKISH PROBLEM or Cyprus's TURKEY PROBLEM, a problem with both an external as well as an internal aspect! Perhaps doing so would be a small step in regaining control of the agenda back from foreigners.

Kyriacos Kyriakides

Ps. Another one of those thinly veiled rhetorical questions.
Pps. This is what I wrote back in February 2011:

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