Friday, September 9, 2011

The Petition We Must All Sign

We, Cypriots & friends of Cyprus from all over the world,

wish to empower the Cypriot political leaders to demand a solution to the problem of Cyprus with Turkey based on international law & to seek to upgrade the Republic's constitution in accordance with universal truth and logic:

no community should be granted special status in the reunited Cyprus Republic. Instead, every legal citizen of the country, whether of Latin, Armenian, Maronite, Turkish, Greek or other heritage, should be able to enjoy equality on a 'one-person, one-vote basis', with full respect of her/his human and cultural rights, as a proud citizen of the European Union.
Please help empower Cypriot political leaders by co-signing this petition & letting all your Cypriot and international friends to sign as well.

On the petition's blog you will find translations of the petition in other languages as well (more to be added as we go along & please let us know if you can help).

The goal is for 300.000 signatures by July 1st 2012, the day Cyprus assumes thePresidency of the Council of the European Union.

It is no secret Cyprus has a Turkish problem.

The common will of Cypriots was captured in the resounding 76% of 'NO' votes in rejecting the 2004 Annan nonsensical concoction aimed to serve non-Cypriot interests. People from all walks of life, from the left to the right and beyond, came together to offer their wisdom and common sense, against foreigners urging and even threatening them to succumb. Cypriots sent the message that democracy, international law and human rights cannot be tailored or trimmed to suit foreign designs.

Click here to go direct to the petition or keep reading:

The "Commom of the Cypriots ("Κοινόν Κυπρίων") of our generation is our common will to give a thunderous 'NO' to a foreigners' plan aiming to legitimize two unforgivable wrongs. The extorted constitution of 1960 which solved Great Britain's "Cyprus problem" & the 1974 invasion that solved Turkey's "Cyprus problem", both at the expense of Cypriots. The fact is that Cypriots never actually had a Cyprus problem. Cypriots' only problem is Turkey since she started planting & nurturing the seed of division in the 1950s by exploiting the Muslim minority of our island and Britain's desire to maintain a sovereign military colonialist presence on Cyprus.

Our "Κοινόν Κυπρίων" today is no other than Cypriot common sense, western common sense, against Turkish hypocrisy and fascism!

We need a simple message to give our party leaders, Cypriot politicians, regardless who they may be for each of us, left, center or right of the spectrum, or in government.

We need to lead our leaders, like we did in 2004, and for this we must not antagonize them. After all they are bound by a series of mistakes, with each mistake tracing its roots to Cypriots fighting for their most universal of rights against the designs and interests of foreigners.

We cannot replace our politicians at the negotiating table but there is nothing stopping us from giving them a mandate so powerful they cannot ignore: our Cypriot common sense, our western common sense, our generation's "Κοινόν Κυπρίων"!

Please help me empower our leaders by signing the petition below.

You can e-mail me at:

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