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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Turkey's Oppression of Kurds - The 'Curfew' Tool

June 7 2015 election results - HDP creates history
by entering parliament for 1st time
The Turkish State and it's use of 'Curfews' as a tool to strangle the Kurds. Watch the 6 minute video here.

Today, the People of North Kurdistan (under Turkish Occupation) are paying the ultimate price for the record turnout and votes for the pro-Kurdish HDP in the 7th of June General Elections. The Turkish State is systematically conducting sieges, operations and imposing arbitrary curfews to dozens of Cities and Towns such as Mardin (HDP 73.22 % - 07/06/15) , Diyarbakir- Amed (HDP 77.3%) , Sirnak (HDP 83.89%), Van (HDP 73.79%) and Hakkari (HDP 83.89%) ahead of the 1st of November 're-elections.' Most Towns within these cities such as Cizre, Bismil, Nusaybin, Silvan and Sur had record turnouts for the HDP averaging 90% with the rest of the votes being cast by Military Personnel in the region. These towns are now the epicentre of conflict and massacres.

The sole aim of these illogical and undemocratic policies by the Turkish State are to deter people in these regions from casting their votes at the 're-elections' for the HDP, leave the areas destabilised and ultimately move ballots to other inaccessible regions; all a scar to the fundamental principles of a so-called Democracy. In addition, Turkish Security Forces have followed every filthy strategy from beheadings, shelling graveyards and executions to provoke the PKK into retalliatory attacks which can then be used by the Erdogan led AKP as election propaganda material. Near enough 1000 people have lost their lives since the 7th June 2015 elections whereby the HDP managed to overcome the undemocratic 10% election threshold and gain 80 seats in the Parliament. The HDP's success is the key catalyser for the Turkish State to go to the November 1st 're-elections.'

The Turkish State is not shying away from implementing similar tactics to those of ISIS. The regions they proclaim as 'Curfew Zones' for 'security reasons' are disconnected from the rest of the world, entries and exits blocked into the area, basic human needs such as water and bread uncatered for, Journalists completely barred from entering and towns turned into 'free-play' areas for sadist security forces. For days or even weeks, whole Kurdish towns within Turkish borders are turned into open prisons; only when the period of 'hell' for the inhabitants is over, do we see or hear what has happened. Whole Families are wiped out, kidnappings, beheadings and executions are common practice and even corpse's are dragged around towns with the sole intention being to 'punish' the inhabitants for voting for the HDP in the last general elections.

There is currently a wave of arrests and oppression against HDP Activists, Voluntary workers, Partisans, Mayors and Politicians together with Trade Unionists and other factions in solidarity. Amidst all this; The HDP is also not handed any election aid or budget from the State Treasury like other parties. Regardless of all the Injustices, Massacres and Oppression the HDP's head is high and is looking forward to overcoming the 10% threshold yet again and entering Parliament to carry on it's dignified resistance at the leadership of Selahattin Demirtas.


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