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Muslim Columnist Warns Dog Petting Provokes Muslims by Daniel Greenfield | Frontpage Mag

muslim-seeing-eye-dogOctober 22, 2014

Really? Is there anything that doesn’t provoke Muslims?

Dogophobia hits moderate Muslim Malaysia as a dog petting event stirs up controversy. Why? Because Mohammed hated dogs and ordered them to be killed.

Also Muslims consider dogs and women to be unclean. And it’s hard to get a dog to wear a Burqa. It’s another episode in the long-running Islam Show where everyone is crazy. (The Religion of Peace)

The “I Want To Touch A Dog” event should not have been held in Muslim-majority Malaysia as viral images of Muslims petting dogs have caused great uneasiness and public discomfort, an Utusan columnist claimed today.

“Following this controversial campaign, I feel that it is not the negative perception Muslims have towards dogs which needs to be corrected but the negative perception non-Muslims have on why Muslims cannot touch dogs which needs proper explanation and comprehension.”

It’s not Dogophobia, it’s Islamophobia. It’s not anti-Semitism, it’s Islamophobia. It’s not anti-Americanism, it’s Islamophobia.

“Unless we want to purposely cause provocation, there is no need for this type of campaign to be held,” the Utusan writer said in her column published by the Malay broadsheet today.

This is getting to be a familiar line.

“Let us hope that this will be the first and last campaign of its kind,” Marhaini said

Or there’ll be a Dog Jihad.

Jakim director-general Datuk Othman Mustapha said the programme should not have taken place and Jakim regretted the irresponsible attitude of the organisers who were not concerned with the sensitivities of Muslims in the country.

The “I Want to Touch a Dog” event organised by Syed Azmi Alhabshi drew nearly 200 volunteers and dog owners and where Malay Muslims were given the opportunity to pet the pooches, an animal that many of them regard as culturally taboo.

It’s a bit more than that as I wrote a while back.

This particular “cultural problem” has been exported with Islamic immigration as cabbies deny rides to the blind because their seeing eye dogs will keep angels out of their cabs. Blind passengers have been thrown off public buses by Muslim bus drivers and disabled people in all walks of life have faced harassment due to Islamic ‘Dogophobia’ which translates easily into bigotry against disabled people.

The “cultural problem” doesn’t begin or end with dogs. One Hadith states; “When one of you prays without a sutrah, a dog, an ass, a pig, a Jew, a Magian, and a woman cut off his prayer.” Along with Dogophobia, the teachings of Islam also cultivate Anti-Semitism and Sexism. All far more serious problems than the constant defensive refrain of Islamophobia taken up by Muslim groups and their media panderers.

It is not the dogs alone who are treated this way in Afghanistan or the rest of the Muslim world. Casual mutilation and killing are suffered by women who have acid thrown in their faces, whose noses are cut off and whose murders often go unpunished. The same could be said of Jews, until the majority of the Jewish populations of the Muslim world fled to Israel, America and Europe– only to be followed there by the same warped culture of cruelty which says that Allah listens to the prayers of murderers and rapists– but not of dog owners.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam. He is completing a book on the international challenges America faces in the 21st century.

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