Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Don Quixotian condition

Sometimes, without realizing it even, some of us come across as the typical Cypriot that has been conditioned to assume a defeatist attitude. He/she sees Ergenekon/ TSK/ CHP/ MIT/ AKP/ TMT teeth that prevent him/her from thinking, logically and clairvoyantly, possibilities through to the end. Not a pretty sight, I have to admit, those fierce grey wolves' teeth. But are they really there in the path which is proposed?
I maintain that such Don Quixotian stance is barely understood, and often exploited, by those that should matter. Those with the leverage to help us if we have the moral strength and smarts to present our case with dignity and conviction. Because those who should matter can also be convinced to admit not seeing the relevance of 40.000 troops & a million settlers on such a small island if the objective is peace and the protection Cypriots, a people whose overwhelming majority has millennia of Christian and Greek recorded history on Cyprus.

The Ergenekon/ TSK/ AKP/ MIT fascists, allow me the luxury of such a cliche word as I wholeheartedly and knowingly believe it applies, with their magnificent propaganda machine, will always reinforce the world of the defeated Cypriot, but are they to last much longer? But most importantly, are they even relevant in the proposed course of action? Is their strength at all pertinent?

Don Quixote too became obsessed with books of chivalry [Ergenekon/ MIT/ AKP propaganda], and believed their every word to be true, despite the fact that many of the "events" in them are clearly impossible [thousands tCs dead [what?], peace operation [what?], thrown out of 1960 [what?], forced [what?] to live in enclaves, we were dying in 74 so Turkey intervened [what?] etc, etc, etc].

But the cruel practical jokes eventually lead Don Quixote to a great melancholy over his defeats and humiliations [1960, 1974, 1977-79, 2011]. One day, he awakes from a dream having fully recovered his sanity. He denounces books of chivalry [BBF, grey wolves & white elephants].

I used to say something along these lines 'let us hope that the new generations to come after us will have renewed faith in their Cypriot identity and will grab the bull by the horn so to speak!'

But lately I realize that there won't be a Cypriot identity as we [gCs, tCs, mCs, aCs, lCs] have come to know it. This is the generation that must act. The time is now. The bull is in the ring. And guess what, we are in the ring too. We have the choice of grabbing or perishing. It's a binary one and unavoidable.

Let's write the constitution that over 75% of Cypriots can approve & the Council of Europe would give its blessings!

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